Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

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Out of all my products and offers, the Influence to Empire Mastermind is by far my favorite. There’s a different type of energy when you get to be hands deep into a process with a student. You get to see their businesses grow, flourish, and you get to be there for the struggles and breakthroughs. I hate to sound like a broken record but the women in my Influence to Empire Mastermind are truly some of the most dedicated and inspirational people I have ever met. So instead of keeping their extraordinary stories within the Mastermind, I’d like to highlight three of my current students: Julie, Millie, and Steph. In this very special episode, you’ll get to hear from current students about the Influence to Empire Mastermind, how it has transformed their businesses, and where they’re heading from here. Let’s go!

Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

Before we dive in, allow me to introduce you to these three amazing female entrepreneurs. 

Julie is a style coach who helps women find their competence through style. She teaches women how to find their unique style through her signature four-step system to customize their wardrobes.

Millie is an Instagram coach and YouTuber. She helps aspiring influencers keep up to date on all the latest tips and tricks through social media so that they could hack their way around the system and see the most growth and efficiency with their businesses.

Last but not least, Steph is a doctor in physical therapy turned movement and nutrition coach. She specializes in helping people train despite injury by teaching them the importance of mobility and modifying exercises.

Although Julie, Millie, and Steph have businesses in wildly different niches, they all gained clarity, insight, and strategies from the Mastermind. From deciding what to create for their audience to the hardest part of their entrepreneurial journey, they’re dishing it all in today’s conversation.

Julie Kraus 01 | Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

Deciding What to Create for Your Audience

Before Julie developed her signature four-step system, she had an idea of what others might be struggling with. “I knew that style and finding my confidence had completely transformed my life. And I knew this was something that could impact other women.” She recalls. And before she created her product, she decided to ask her audience what they were struggling with when it came to putting outfits together and dressing for their bodies. 

Using that information, she developed a process that hits on all those struggles so she could help her audience with this transformation. From there, she went through the process of validating her offer, testing it through a live class format with 15 women for four weeks. 

“It was way beyond anything that I had dreamed of. And I couldn’t believe that the program gave them the results that it did. So it sort of validated my process and my program, and I went through a lot of iterations to get to where I am now but it started with taking into consideration what my audience needs and my expertise.”

Millie 01 | Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

Monetizing Your Strengths and Expertise

In a similar fashion, Millie didn’t create her offer by thinking about what would make her the most money. Instead, she decided to play into her strength and expertise. “I asked my husband, ‘hey, what am I good at?’ Because I feel like I’m not good at anything. He was the one that told me ‘you’re really good at Instagram. Everybody comes to you for Instagram advice.’ I was like, ‘I guess you’re right.’”

Instead of having monetization on her mind, Millie charged forth with education at the forefront of her mission. She decided to deliver as much value as she possibly could where Instagram and social media were concern. In the end, her decision to monetize came down to 2 things. “The first one was listening to my followers and listening to what they wanted.” Every time she received a question, she kept track of the struggles and pain points that her audience faces. 

The second thing was doing more research and seeing how she could fill in any gaps. “I was studying people who inspired me to see what sort of offerings they had. Specifically, people who are within my niche doing what I want to do down to the same area of expertise. I studied what they were offering to their audience. Because if they’re where I want to be, we probably have similar audience types. And on top of that, how can I fill in a gap that maybe isn’t there?” 

Steph 01 | Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

Stepping Into Your Zone of Genius

Speaking of niching down and finding your spot in the industry, Steph’s story is both similar yet different to Millie’s and Julie’s. While the similarities come in the form of finding her specific zone of genius, the difference comes with her background. “What people know about me is that I’m a physical therapist. What they don’t know is that I don’t practice that anymore.” Steph confesses.

During her 7 years as a physical therapist, Steph ran an online side hustle that helped people with their training and nutrition. “I did that because I was just passionate about it. And I love how rewarding it was to help people go from feeling very low self-confidence to feeling strong, confident, and happy with their bodies.” 

Steph knew that eventually, she wanted to turn her side hustle into her full-time job. So in 2016, she decided to start investing in her business. She started creating free blog posts, ebooks, and online courses. This eventually led her to niche down even more by using her physical therapy background to really help people on a wider scale. Steph decided to join the Influence to Empire Mastermind to help her in her endeavor of creating her first passive income product.

Turning Followers Into Loyal Customers

One of the most important things that I (along with our support coaches) support women like Julie, Millie, and Steph in is messaging and marketing. Our messaging and marketing is how we turn followers into loyal customers. It’s what builds that oh-so-important know, like, and trust factor. When I asked these ladies about their biggest messaging and marketing takeaway from the Influence to Empire Mastermind, their answers were the same: delivering value.

“You know what, screw it. Everybody can find anything for free online, if they’re gonna find it for free somewhere, they’re gonna find it from me.” Millie shares. “I’m going to be generous and give as much value as I can to people.” However, she admits that she once was caught in thinking that she should withhold information from her audience. Millie used to think that saving her most valuable information was the reason why people would commit and purchase her product. When in reality, she confesses that “the more you give, the more you grow.”

This is further validated with Steph’s experience. “I market by sharing just so much valuable content, whether it be my blog on Instagram.” Steph says. “I really want them to realize that I know what to do with someone like them. That I’m not just going to give out these cookie-cutter plans.” 

Another important lesson that Julie took away from the Influence to Empire Mastermind was the value of storytelling. Her messaging has focused on telling her story so her audience can see themselves in it. “At the end of the day, people just want to know they’re not alone. And it’s okay to feel the way that they feel. But there is a solution for them to get to where they want to be.”

Steph 02 | Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

Identifying the Needle Movers in Their Businesses

All three of these women are at very different points in their businesses. But they’ve all successfully identified the needle movers that propelled their businesses forward. Julie, Millie, and Steph are in agreement that investing in programs like the Influence to Empire Mastermind, as well as online courses has helped them grow immensely.

Some other needle movers they’ve identified are prioritizing their relationship with their audience and taking care of themselves. For instance, mindset is a huge determining factor in how you can show up as your best self for your audience. “The more that I learn and work on myself and the person that I want to be, the more clear I get on what I’m delivering through my value and then bringing that to the people that I serve.” Julie confesses. “You can’t pour from an empty cup. So it’s all about filling up yours first.” 

Millie agrees and shares that she was once running on empty, working from the moment she got up until 9 PM every single day. Doing that made her feel burnt out and exhausted. “So I’m learning to actually take care of myself because my business kind of needs me. I can’t really call out of work and find a replacement for myself.”

Their Experience Inside the Influence to Empire Mastermind

But what about their experience in the Influence to Empire Mastermind? What are their honest thoughts after having gone through the program?

To be honest, Julie was turned off to the ideas of masterminds prior to joining. Having joined a different mastermind prior, she had come to the conclusion that masterminds were not it for her. But she initially thought about joining the Influencer Bootcamp to work on some brand collaborations and partnerships before the Influence to Empire Mastermind caught her attention. “I was actually amazed. There’s someone who has knowledge of online businesses, how to scale it, and the influencer brand collaboration side? I feel like this was just meant to be. So I joined the mastermind.” On top of that, Julie felt incredibly supported within Slack. “Christina is in there every day, looking at your stuff, giving you feedback. It’s actually unbelievable. And not only Christina, but you have the support coaches who are experts in their areas.”

As for Millie, she had been an avid customer and loyal follower since day one. “For me, I learned the best from you. Everything you teach sticks in my brain. So I knew this mastermind would stick with me and whatever I needed to learn, I got to do it.”

Steph on the other hand was hesitant to join. “In my mind, I didn’t think there would be many strategies to learn from it. I thought it was just more like a sorority mastermind. And wow, was I wrong. I was so wrong. But honestly, joining the mastermind has been the best business decision I’ve ever made.” When once she was relying on Google, the Mastermind has since provided her clarity and the know-how to take her business to the next level.

Steph 02 | Hear from Current Students About The Influence to Empire Mastermind!

Hear More from the Current Students About the Influence to Empire Mastermind

If you’re in your first year (or the first 3 years of your business), hearing from Julie, Millie, and Steph will give you the courage and determination you need to keep going. The insight they share about their respective entrepreneurial journeys is truly a treat for anyone who is going through it themselves. If you enjoyed this taster of what growing business with clarity and guidance could look like for you, I invite you to listen to more episodes and binge through the content on my blog. Remember, entrepreneurship can feel like a long and lonely game. But there’s always support and guidance out there if and when you need it.


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Julie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliekrausxo/ 

Steph’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephdorworth/ 

Millie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsmodernmillie/

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