Attracting Quality Clients and Scaling to 7-Figures with One Offer

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There are many common sayings that are frequently tossed about in the online entrepreneurship space. “Content is king” and “quality over quantity” are just two that you might have heard of. We’ve discussed many real-life examples of the former with experts and content strategists like Viv Okafor in past episodes of Her Life By Design. But today, my guest Natanya Bravo is here to make a case for the latter. Natanya’s a business strategist, and mindset coach who works with new and aspiring coaches and consultants, helping them define their offer, scale, and grow their businesses. In case you need proof, Natanya has successfully scaled one single offer to 7-figures. And if you feel the overwhelming need to overproduce by creating a large product suite, this post is for you. Here’s Natanya’s insight, strategies, and know-how when it comes to attracting quality clients and scaling to 7-figures with one offer.

Natanya Bravo 01 | Attracting Quality Clients and Scaling to 7-Figures with One Offer

Attracting Quality Clients and Scaling to 7-Figures with One Offer 

Natanya is the founder of The Bravo Life, a now global community of over 30,000 women. The Bravo Life was created to inspire women around the world to realize and actualize their full potential. It provides coaching resources and live experiences for women worldwide who are committed to living their best lives as their best selves.

She has a background in brand marketing prior to The Bravo Life. But like so many of you, Natanya knew there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and working 80+ hours a week. What eventually gave Natanya the courage to start her business was a daydream she had of living in France.

“You know what, I’m not married, I don’t have kids yet. This is the time to do something like that. And worst-case scenario, I’ll come back and just get another job. So that’s actually what pushed me to leave.”

Taking that plunge and moving to France brought about a lot of huge changes for Natanya. Not only did she attract her now-husband and child, but she started her business, realizing that her 10-year career in brand marketing wasn’t for her.

“It didn’t happen by random. It was meant to help me fulfill in a more purposeful way. Which is now empowering other people who have a story, a gift, something in their journey that they now want to empower other people with the same transformation. And so that kind of happened through the process of moving to Paris.”

Gaining Clarity on Your Purpose and Passion

If you’re reading this thinking “I wish I could find my purpose and passion,” you’re not alone. “​​I used to actually cringe at the word ‘purpose’.” Natanya shares. “Probably because I had this intense fear that I’m never gonna figure out what I’m here to do.” 

Today, Natanya walks her clients through an exercise she calls “the sweet spot method”. This exercise allows her clients to find the things they’re good at all while discovering what lights them up. “Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to create a career or business out of it.” This exercise is based on Natanya’s own experience with finding her purpose and passion. “One of the things that I did early on in my journey was actually just starting to play. I allowed myself the space and freedom to say, ‘I want to take piano classes. I want to take a cooking class.’ Because I’ve gotten so disconnected from what actually lit me up.”

When it comes to finding a profitable purpose and passion, Natanya suggests looking at what you’re good at, what you like to do, what people need, and what people are already paying for.

Natanya Bravo 02 | Attracting Quality Clients and Scaling to 7-Figures with One Offer

From Passion and Purpose to Quality and Concrete Results

If you’re like me or Natanya, you ​​want to help women realize their full potential, live their best lives, and be happy. But what does that mean and what does it look like? Natanya reminds her clients that people pay for you to solve their problems. “They’re not paying to learn about self-care and meditation, they’re paying for the problem that not having self-care and meditation is creating in their life.”

In order to solve their problems, you need to identify the areas where these problems are and how they’re currently affecting your ideal clients’ lives. “We’ve got to meet people where they are with the understanding they currently have, and these things are likely causing some frustration. If they’re having frustration with their finances, it’s trickling over to their health and wellness and it’s trickling over to their relationships. And so we need to speak to them in the way that taps into their inner mind dialogue.”

Natanya Bravo 03 | Attracting Quality Clients and Scaling to 7-Figures with One Offer

How to Market Your Product

The first part of proving your transformation is by remembering that you’re several steps ahead of your ideal clients. Next, you need to market your product by using language that speaks directly to them. The best way to do this? Speak to them! “You’re one person, and you likely have already had some sort of transformation in that area.” Natanya reminds. “You are seeing it from the solution perspective, but that person is still stuck in the fog.”

Having conversations with your target audience will help you understand the finer details, offering a deeper look into the problems they’re facing. These conversations will tell you the options they’ve tried to solve their problems. They’ll also tell you…

  • Why what they tried didn’t work
  • What they believe they need and not what you think they need
  • What they believe they need to get from where they are to where they want to go 
  • Where they actually want to go

“They’re probably not going to want to say, ‘I want to live my best life.’” Natanya says. After gathering all this information, you can create content using language that makes your ideal client say “She is talking directly to me.” As Natanya says, “you want people to feel seen and heard and understood. But you can only do that by actually having these real conversations and understanding.”

Why Focusing on Quality Over Quantity Will Help You Attract More Clients

A common idea most new entrepreneurs have is the feeling that you can do it all and solve a lot of problems. This is why so many people have an issue niching down. But in case you need a solid reminder of why quality should always be valued over quantity, Natanya’s got your back. “We want to talk to everyone and we’re like, ‘I can help all the people’, right? Because we’re multi-passionate, and we have so many ideas.”

But if you want to establish and differentiate yourself in the marketplace, Natanya suggests focusing on 2% of people that need and want what you have to offer in the way that you offer it. “Let’s not worry about the 98% of people who might benefit. Because 2% of the people in the world is still more than you alone could ever serve.” Focusing on your people will help you stay aligned to your passion and purpose. This will build a stronger trust factor with your specific target audience and establish you as an expert, not a jack of all trades.

Natanya Bravo 04 | Attracting Quality Clients and Scaling to 7-Figures with One Offer

How Natanya Scaled One Offer to 7-Figures

The idea of quality over quantity doesn’t just apply to your audience and expertise, but it can apply to your product suite. “I’m very big on simplifying to amplify.” Natanya shares. While you can build a 7-figure business by having a huge product suite, Natanya proves that you can do it with just one single offer. 

How did she do that? She started with the first iteration of her Clarity to Launch Academy (which at that time, went by a different name). After successfully going through her first round, she decided to take all the feedback and data and work on improving her program instead of moving on to the next one. She repeated that process over and over and over again, gaining a community of people who now refer others to the program because they trusted it for themselves. 

Today, the Clarity to Launch Academy is drawing in 98% of her clientele. She also has a full team that is trained to support and highly aligned with her program and values. “It’s been very fulfilling to stay with one product. Some people may find it boring, but it really just depends on your personality. I don’t believe that you have to have 10 products. But I will say that it allows the machine of your business to run a lot more smoothly and easily when you focus on one core offering.”

Building Your 7-Figure Business

My conversation with Natanya is packed with valuable and applicable information on building and scaling your business. Social media and comparison might make you feel pressured into creating several products. But Natanya proves that the secret to getting to 7-figures is quality, not quantity. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your business, or maybe you have no idea how to scale, you’ll pull value and insight from this conversation. The road to 7-figures looks different for everyone. And no matter which route you take, quality should always be the final destination.


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Natanya’s Website: https://thebravolife.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebravolife/

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