Ready to Take the Reigns of Your Empire? Here Are Some Victories Our Students Are Celebrating.

You deserve the adventure, the luxury, the freedom, and the creativity of your vision board lifestyle. And we’d be honored to be the one to help you turn it into your reality.

Our programs are about running smart and profitable businesses, rooted in proven strategies that prioritize sustainable growth and longevity. Because escaping the daily grind for a brief moment is one thing. But being able to reach each benchmark of your success year after year is exactly how you’ll leapfrog from solopreneur to CEO.

— establish a strong brand voice

— grow engaged communities online

— master the art of creating binge-worthy content

— and monetize to multiple 6-figures and more through brand collaborations, digital products, online courses, affiliate marketing, and beyond.

To date, our programs have helped over 20,000 content creators, bloggers, and course creators:

We stand by what we say: You’re meant to do more with your life than hide behind a day job that’s got you counting down the hours until 5 PM.





"I've landed paid deals with a few tourism boards!"

“The Creator Bootcamp™ was immensely helpful in that it helped me learn how to negotiate brand deals, where I’ve landed a few paid tourism board brand deals. As well as four figure paid prominent clothing brand deals on my Instagram account-all while having under 10,000 followers.”


"I made $20k in two and a half months."

“To think that I’m able to monetize my Instagram now! I only have around 10.4K followers but I was able to make $20,000 in two and a half months. It honestly feels amazing that I can turn this into a business.”


Coralie worked with brands like Amazon and Garnier.

“I’m SO happy I found this course! I have more direction and I feel less alone thanks to the community that I now have access to. I’ve increased my engagement and got the confidence to ask brands for payment! I also just feel a lot more confident navigating Instagram and growing my business.”

"I've worked with brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Ralph Lauren."

"Before I started The Creator Bootcamp™, I had a goal of reaching 10,000 followers in 3 months, but because of the strategies I learned, I reached 30,000 followers in 4 months. Now I have over 100,000. As a fashion influencer, I've worked with brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Ralph Lauren."


"Christina has changed my life. This is no exaggeration."

"Since completing the Creator Bootcamp™ Course, I have locked in paid collaborations with brands that I love, have worked with 5 hotels, 3 travel companies and freaking quit my job. Talk about a life-changing career. Christina has changed my life. This is no exaggeration."


“I've been able to land 4 different brand partnerships.”

"The most exciting thing that’s happened since completing the Creator Bootcamp™ has surely been quitting my job. Even though I’ve been on this journey for 2 years, I haven’t felt the confidence to pitch brands or send my media kit out to tourism boards. But ever since finishing The Creator Bootcamp and re-creating mine, I sent it out and I’ve been able to land 4 different brand partnerships."


“My engagement has tripled in numbers and have had the honor of working with major brands.”

"To think that I am able to monetize my Instagram now!"



"There is no course that matches up to The Creator Bootcamp."



“My traffic has absolutely skyrocketed.”

"I had a travel blog but I was stagnant with it. I didn’t have the direction I needed. Since joining The Blogger Bootcamp™, my traffic has absolutely skyrocketed and I’m starting to rank on Google with SEO. I just launched my freebie. The Blogger Bootcamp™ was crucial in my success." 


“I've tripled my blog traffic.”

"I've tripled my blog traffic, grown my Pinterest from 5K monthly viewers to half a million, and my blog and email list continue to grow, adding new subscribers every day."


“Being able to take the growth strategies, apply them, and get results has been amazing.”

"Since taking the course I have been able to grow my blog following and my email list. Being able to take the growth strategies, applying them, and getting results has been amazing. I also love the community you get. Even after you’re done with the coursework, you have a group of women that you can get feedback and advice from. That is something that is truly priceless."

“The major positive outcome I have seen is a lot of clarity.”

“What I love is all the support you get from Christina and the community.”



“My traffic has skyrocketed, my Pinterest has skyrocketed, and I just launched my freebie.”


I launched with a $1997 price tag and I had a 5-figure launch within my first month."

- Lauren

"My first professional dance career course launch has welcomed 90 students!
I've made over $63K!"


I've made $40,000 from my course with less than 5,000 followers."


"I made 32 sales and made $8k in revenue.


"I was scared to launch my course but after taking The Online Course Bootcamp, I was ready for change.

"I sold out my 25 course-spots in 5 minutes. I opened up an extra 25 spots and sold those out within the next hour.

Christina provides templates that make it so easy to just plug and play. I have since quit my job as a chiropractor and am doing this full time!"

"That course made over $100k in its first year and now to date, it's made over $400k."

Millie got 100 students in her first launch

"Bringing in 30 students was my goal, but with Christina's strategies, I ended up getting 100 students in my first launch.  If you're willing to put in the work, it's gonna work."

"I enrolled 107 students and made almost $24k."

Leah's launch exceeded her expectations

"I told myself I'd be happy with 15 sign-ups, but I ended up getting 15 in the first 10 minutes. I am absolutely blown away."

"I’ve made $28k and have more than 80 people signed up."

Mara had a goal of $10K and 30 students

"I always dreamed of not being tied to an office cubicle, of being able to travel the world, and to be free from the corporate world. I can finally say that I’m on the right path."

"Would I recommend this program? 1000%. It was the best money I ever spent.

"My first professional dance career course launch has welcomed 90 students! I made over $63k.

Not only did I go from being able to serve 20 to 25 clients as a coach to now serving 90+ at once, but I've also tripled my income with my course. The Online Course Bootcamp has been life-changing."

I built my email list from 0 to 500+ leads. I had a really successful sign up rate and turn up rate to my webinars, which converted to sales. It's just been amazing."

"With 2,000 followers, I made 32 sales.

I have more freedom and clarity in my business and I feel more confident and successful in building my online course business."

"I now have 95 students in my course, and earned a nice $40k profit.

Thank you Christina for The Online Course Bootcamp. I can't recommend it enough. It's clear, to-the-point, trustworthy, no-BS program that helps you achieve your goals." 


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