Most creators just have a fun hobby. We help you create a profitable empire that lasts.

These programs will give you the step-by-step strategies and clear action plans to go from “I want to work for myself” to a successful empress who’s in charge of her schedule, her income, and her future. 

We’ll show you how to step away from being a panicked solopreneur and grow your business in a smart and profitable way – so you never have to waltz back into your former boss’ office with your tail between your legs, asking if they want to hire you back.

Together, we’ll grow your personal brand online and start landing collaborations with your dream brands. Then, we’ll set you up with multiple streams of revenue, a highly engaged community, and a solid online empire built to outlast any shift in the digital landscape.


The Creator Bootcamp

Ready to turn your casual social media posts into a profitable in-demand asset brands want to get their hands on?

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Inside, We’re sharing the same strategies that took our founder’s Instagram from just a place to update her friends and family, to an income source that outperformed a well-paid 9-5 salary.

These tactics have worked for way more people across various industries. Graduates of The Creator Bootcamp have gone on to leave their 9-5s, grow their communities over the 100k mark, and consistently locked in 4 to 5-figure partnerships with major brands like Burberry and The Four Seasons – even as a micro or nano-influencer.

It’s packed with years of Christina’s knowledge about building a thriving business as a content creator, growing a community of 300k followers, and generating a 6-figure income from brand collaborations alone.

This is the course that started it all.

This is the course that started it all.

The Blogger Bootcamp


We’ll help you cut through the clutter of Googled advice when it comes to starting a blog you won’t soon outgrow. The Blogger Bootcamp walks you through our exact tech set up, the best SEO practices to consistently rank on page #1 of Google, and setting up several monetization channels from your blog (2 of them passive) step-by-step.

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This is a comprehensive, everything-you-need-to-know course about channeling your passions into a profitable blog – with hot as fire traffic, an email list of loyal fans, and revenue that replaces your 9-5.

If you’re ready to join the ranks of women everywhere who are breaking free and running towards a lifestyle business with open arms, then you’re ready for The Blogger Bootcamp.

Our ONline Course Course

The Online Course Bootcamp

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Want to uncap your income potential, stop trading time for money, and create a business that works FOR you (not the other way around)?

Creating a scalable online course will get you there.

It’s not our style to leave your sales in the hands of luck – instead, we’ll walk you through our proven launch plan in great detail, so you won’t be left confused and clueless when it comes to marketing and selling your online course. Finally, we’ll show you how to interpret the data and results from your first launch so you can tweak and improve, ensuring that your online course continues to generate a healthy income, even when you’re on “do not disturb” mode.

We’ll give you the blueprint to ideate and validate your course topic so you know there’s a demand for it. Then we’ll show you the best practices for recording and creating your course curriculum and material. We’ll also give you the same resources and platforms we use to power our online courses and serve our students, so you won’t have to go through the pains of piecemealing your tech stack.

Inside The Online Course Bootcamp, you will learn the A-Z of creating and launching your first profitable online course in 90 days. 


"To think that I’m able to monetize my Instagram! I have around 10.4K followers but I was able to make $20,000 in 2.5 months."


“The Creator Bootcamp literally kick-started my career as an influencer and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”


"Christina truly gives you everything you need to take your Instagram from hobby to a business."

- jess

Christina has changed my life. This is no exaggeration. I left a job and a company that I LOVED to do something that I love even more!

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4 Steps to Running a Highly Profitable, High-Traffic Blog

Want to really set yourself apart from the content creators who live brand deal by brand deal? Build a blog that’s 100% in your control. It’s the best way to charge more for brand collaborations, algorithm-proof your income, and get your content seen by your target audience. In this free training, Christina shares the steps that skyrocketed her content creator career by revealing the 4 steps you’ve gotta follow if you want to turn your passion into a high-traffic, highly profitable blog.

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The 5 Step Blueprint to Earn $10k on Social Media in the Next 90 Days

This 1-hour training reveals our proven strategies to monetize your social media ASAP, even if you don’t have your first 1000 followers (yet). We’ll cover the 3 ingredients you need to stand out from any “saturated” niche, the 3 must-know steps for creating content that attracts your target audience and dream brands alike, how to land paid brand collaborations even if your account is set to private, and a detailed plan to take content creation full-time in the next 90 days.

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Free training

5 Steps to Make an Extra $10k with an Online Course

This masterclass was 6 years in the making. After repeated success creating and launching our industry-leading online courses, we’ve distilled our process into an easy-to-execute 5-step blueprint. The best part? It’s 100% repeatable so that you can create your own success, regardless of the industry you’re in.

After 1 hour, you’ll know exactly how to find your most profitable online course topic, outline and create the lessons in your course easily and efficiently (no fancy tech skills required), warm up your audience so they’re eager to buy, and how to turn a single online course into a money-making machine that you can profit from for a lifetime.

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I have locked in paid collaborations with brands that I love, have worked with 5 hotels, 3 travel companies and freaking quit my job. Talk about a life-changing career.



"I've landed paid deals with a few tourism boards."

“The Creator Bootcamp™ was immensely helpful in that it helped me learn how to negotiate brand deals, where I’ve landed paid deals with a few tourism boards. As well as four figure paid prominent clothing brand deals on my Instagram account-all while having under 10,000 followers.”


"I've been able to work with brands I've only ever dreamed of."

"Since completing Christina’s courses, I’ve grown so much. Not only literally across my platforms, but in who I am as a business owner and who I am for my audience.

I’ve been able to work with brands I’ve only ever dreamed of like Four Seasons, Hyatt, and Sofitel. I’ve been able to monetize my content to help me create a living helping people travel more, and ensure that I’m able to provide for my audience for years to come."



"I was able to make $20,000 in two and a half months."

“To think that I’m able to monetize my Instagram now! I only have around 10.4K followers but I was able to make $20,000 in two and a half months. It honestly feels amazing that I can turn this into a business.”

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