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How Neha Premjee Transformed Her Passion for Ayurveda into a Health Coaching Business

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Welcome to another Student Spotlight! If you’re wondering how to build a business online as a blogger or social media influencer, read on. In this series, I’m handing the microphone over to my students to tell their stories, share their missions, and give their best advice for working online.

Introducing: Neha Premjee

Today’s student spotlight brings you the unstoppable Mumbai based Ayurvedic Health Coach, Neha Premjee.

Neha has been featured in GQ and Times Now and we guarantee her drive and passion will leave you feeling motivated after reading her story!

Tell me your story. Why did you start your Instagram?

I started my Instagram back in 2013. I always wanted to live an aspirational, out of the box life and share my views with the world. In 2014 I was in a job that sent me to live in a different country every 3 months, and I was a compulsive travel-o-holic. I’ve been to 60 countries and so I thought it would be a good idea to post about my travels and share the highs of the nomadic life. I did gain some traction and that’s when I first started building my Instagram following.

As time went on, I quit my job and decided to stabilise myself by living in Mumbai. I also did some spiritual inner work and found my life’s calling and purpose, to help women lose weight. I struggled with being overweight for several years. And after having found magic in the Ayurvedic method, I lost 70 pounds (30 kilograms). I started health coaching, and now use my Instagram to share my tips, tricks and methods on how to maintain a healthy weight and body in a natural and sustainable way.

Tell me about your business and your “why”!

My business is Ayurvedic Weight Loss Coaching! I’m unlike any other health coaching because my content not only revolves around the diet and exercise aspects, but also addresses the emotions behind binge eating, developing an unhealthy relationship to food and abusing one’s body. I also talk about self image, shedding an old identity that no longer serves you by raising your frequency.

My content pillars are ‘Ayurveda’, ‘Emotions’ and ‘Energy’. My tribe of followers love that I integrate a spiritual and energetic approach to diet and weight loss. And they love that my content takes them far deeper than simply telling them what to eat. My posts, stories and videos shake them out of their state of ‘wanting’ into ‘doing’, and gives them the ammunition of how to get started. I also frequently discuss how to cultivate intrinsic motivation, pitfalls, traps, wrong strategies and where the diet industry sucks to enable my followers make empowered, personalised decisions around their health!

How did you discover Christina?

I first heard of her from Amanda Kolbye. I then looked her up and found the influencer bootcamp!

Which course of Christina’s have you taken and what inspired you to enroll?

I’ve taken The Influencer Bootcamp. What inspired me to enroll was Christina’s massive Instagram success fused with her humble, girl-next door approach. She makes you believe the dream is possible for you. She broke things down so beautifully in the webinar and made my goals sound so achievable to me, and I knew that’s the energy I wanted as I grew my presence. As for my goals, I wanted to build my following, land brand collaborations in the wellness space and expand my reach beyond coaching.

What “lightbulb moments” did you have while taking The Influencer Bootcamp?

I didn’t realise that in order to land awesome collaborations and next level press I didn’t need hundreds of thousands of followers, because Christina broke down the right way to pitch, and the core essence of what a collaboration is, which is adding value no matter what your audience size is. I’ve landed some pretty awesome collaborations with totally aligned brands with an audience of less than 10K followers.

I struggled with creating a consistent asthetic, taking brand photos with confidence, and I loved Christina’s module on how to pose with ease and the different options. She truly gives it all to you.

I didn’t realise just how many pieces of the puzzle you need have held together to be a successful AF influencer – whether it’s your stylistic niche, showing up visibly on stories and having character themes, dealing with pre-sets for a certain “look”, adding value through your captions, engagement, sending pitches or negotiating your value. Christina truly gives you everything you need on a platter in her course to take your Instagram from hobby to business.

What are the 2 – 3 most exciting things that have happened since completing The Influencer Bootcamp?

Got featured in GQ magazine, collaborated with amazing brands in the Ayurveda space and did informational talks and hosted giveaways with fitness apps (I did a free yoga giveaway for Sarva, the Yoga app backed by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez) and gyms (including Physique 57, the Barre gym at the Four Seasons in Mumbai). I’m only growing day by day 🙂

What do you love most about the work you do?

The freedom!! It’s a next-level high to work for yourself and be really successful doing it. It’s also a high to realise that sky truly is the limit and if you show up and do the work with laser focus, dedication and manage your imposter syndrome and mindset wobbles you can truly go to great heights!

What’s next for you?

Crossing the 10K follower mark on Instagram, becoming an even bigger influencer than I already am and launching my own e-course!

What is your number one piece of advice for aspiring influencers or bloggers?

Just go with your gut and take the plunge. It won’t be easy but it sure as hell is worth it 🙂

What are your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?

@createthelove @thechritinequinn @jayshetty

Where can people find you?

Instagram: @nehapremjee


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