How to Know What Product to Launch to Your Audience

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You scroll through Instagram and you notice one very apparent thing: all your favorite creators have a product of their own. Sure they’re landing brand collaborations and promoting products they love, but many of them also have something they’ve created from the ground up. It could be a course, a book, a journal, digital presets, a club, and really the options are endless. You start to think “this is something I’d love to do as well!” You’ve spent months to years cultivating a following on social media, secured brand collaborations under your belt, and now you want something of your own that will create an impact. And that is why I have Deya Kuhnle, the Influence to Empire Mastermind’s very own launch and funnels support coach to walk you through how to know what product to launch to your audience and the recipe for a profitable launch.

Deya Kuhnle 01 | How to Know What Product to Launch to Your Audience

How to Know What Product to Launch to Your Audience and the Recipe for a Profitable Launch

Deya is the founder of the Digital Business Manager Bootcamp. But for the past four years, she’s been supporting six and seven-figure entrepreneurs with their funnels, launch strategies, launch management projects, and team management. Needless to say, she has plenty of experience when it comes to creating a product, validating an offer, and planning for a profitable launch. Within the Influence to Empire mastermind, she assists students with all types of questions related to their funnels or launching a new product. This ranges from creating digital products like courses, downloads, or coaching programs, to launching them and creating evergreen funnels so that they can sell those products as passively as possible.

Sounds like the dream we’re all after, right? But before we can get to the point of generating sales passively, we need to understand what a funnel is.

What is a Funnel

Many people think of the word “funnel” as a stuffy, overwhelming, and unapproachable entity in sales. Instead, Deya wants you to think of a sales funnel simply as “a way for you and your target customer or target client to go on a journey together.” A funnel is a nurturing step-by-step process that guides your target audience through what you do, who you are, and so on and so forth.

“I always compare it to the analogy of dating,” Deya explains. “You meet somebody for the first time and you have no idea who they are. Then you go on that first date, and you go on that second date, and slowly you get to know each other and build that trust.” 

Essentially, your funnel does the same but for the customer journey. It helps you take somebody who is a cold audience with no clue as to who you are and continues to build a trusting relationship along the way. So that eventually, they are willing to invest in you.

A funnel also allows you to build those relationships in a scalable and more manageable way with automation such as an email sequence.

How to Know What Product to Create

Before you get excited about building a funnel, you first need to start with a product. So how do you know what product to launch and create for your audience? Deya’s advice is to “do your due diligence to start and also try to absorb as many possibilities as possible.” She suggests seeing what’s currently being offered within your niche by subscribing to emails and scouting through Instagram. Opening yourself up to inspiration before deciding on what you want to create is first and foremost.

Next, Deya offers some food for thought. “People often say you should create products that you’re really passionate about.” But she also believes that it isn’t the only important aspect to consider. “Because of how we are as humans, we tend to think about ourselves first. But as a business owner, you have to lead with how you can best serve your audience. How can you best serve this niche? What can you uniquely bring to the table to serve them?”

The best types of products you can create aren’t just the ones that you’re passionate about. They should also be products that fall within your experience and skillset. And finally, it should also be something that the market is hungry for, meaning it provides a solution to a problem your target audience struggles with.

If you want to gain clarity on what that product might be for you, Deya suggests creating a list with two columns. On one side, take note of what you’re passionate about. And on the other, write down what your skillset and credentials entail. You should also include the questions your audience frequently asks you. Find the overlap between the two columns, and see if anything stands out to you before you move into the market research phase. 

Validating Your Offer

So you’ve gone through the process and figured out the kind of product you want to launch. Before you start creating it right away, you need to validate your offer. This is an incredibly important step because if your offer isn’t validated, you may just end up working your butt off for very little return. 

For example, a lot of people want to create an online course. But what they don’t realize is how much effort, time, and energy goes into building that course out. And if your offer isn’t validated, you might have spent months building your course only to see very few sign-ups.

Deya suggests starting out small with a low-ticket offer. But more importantly, she recommends gauging your audience’s level of interest (and validating your offer) through publishing a lead magnet or a freebie.

“When you’re validating your product, the goal should not be to make tons of money.” She shares. “The goal should be to check if people are happy with your product, how they feel about the price point, whether it matches their expectations to see if there’s like even interest like that would be a good thing to find out early on.”

To give you an idea, she beta-tested her course, the Digital Business Manager Bootcamp at 50% of what it is currently priced at. Deya got 40 students into the beta round and received incredible feedback and testimonials. That laid the best foundation for her to then launch and release it at a price that she felt suited the product and the market. 

Deya Kuhnle 02 | How to Know What Product to Launch to Your Audience

2 Things People Get Wrong with Launching

Not validating your offer is the first and most important thing that people get wrong with launching. Imagine if Apple released their product without telling anybody who it’s for and checking if people actually want it. That would never happen. Launching an untested idea would most likely result in underwhelming sales. “When people wonder why nobody is buying, it’s because you’ve never made sure that this is a product people actually want.” Deya reminds.

The second thing that people get wrong with launching is not knowing their numbers. At the end of the day, launching boils down to numbers. “I think a lot of times we attach a lot of personal value, and we get very personally invested in it. But it’s really just numbers.” 

For example, “if your average conversion rate is like 5%, then you can expect five sales for every 100 people that see your offer.” Deya explains. That is something that is very important to understand. Because you might hear of 6-figure launches and want the same result. However, you need to break down the numbers to truly understand how you’ll reach the 6-figure mark. 

“If your product has a 5% conversion rate and it’s $500, you would need to have 4000 people see your offer to make 6-figures. So not 4000 people on your email list because we know not everyone opens every single email.”

Breaking down the numbers will make you feel so much better as it paints a realistic picture of what you can feasibly work towards. So instead of thinking that you failed because you didn’t have a 6-figure launch, you’ll know that you just don’t have the audience size to get to that place based on your current conversion rates.

2 Tips for a Profitable Launch

Aside from the two things you shouldn’t do, Deya shares two tips to add to your recipe for a profitable launch. The first one is to make sure you are nurturing your people before you ever present a paid offer. “No good relationship is based off of taking all the time. And ideally, you should give way more than you take as a business so that everybody feels good about being in your circle.” 

This is where your free and valuable content comes in. Whether you’re posting on Instagram, writing informational blog posts, or providing weekly podcast episodes, your free content is incredibly important to the success of your launches. If your audience finds immense value through your free content, they know they can expect a lot more from your paid products. “So really, don’t be shy with the value you give to your people. Because the longer you can invest in that relationship, the warmer they will be once you do present a paid offer.”

The second tip Deya has for a profitable launch is to simply have fun with it. She recommends shifting the priority or the goal away from having a 6-figure launch or making a ton of money. Instead, you should shift the focus into “how can you serve? How can you make this fun for yourself and for your audience?”

Creating the Perfect Product for a Profitable Launch

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamor of launching a product. Especially since it seems like everyone is doing it these days. What happens behind the scenes of a product launch goes so far in-depth, that it’s impossible for you to get a clear understanding of what it truly takes to launch a perfect product. The tips that Deya shares in this episode of Her Life By Design are a great place to start.

But as you and I know, no two products are launched in the exact same way. This is why her coaching and hands-on guidance in the Influence to Empire Mastermind are incredibly invaluable. Not only does Deya give you tried-and-true launch strategies, but she also gets deep into the trenches of your specific offer, how you can best validate it, and what your unique funnel will look like. All of these custom elements are key to your specific profitable launch. But if you’re new to the world of product creation and launching, this episode with Deya is a great place to dip your toes to test the waters.


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