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How to Build a Strong Personal Brand Through Your Blog

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There are many benefits to starting a blog for your business. One is the ability to make a memorable, long-lasting impression on your audience and customers. How? By building a strong personal brand through your blog.

When done well, your blog will help you stay top of mind with your audience through your recognizable style.

And if you’re ready for your blog to make a mark that uniquely represents you and your brand, keep reading.

Christina Galbato | Building a strong personal brand through your blog

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand Through Your Blog

Before diving into the how-to’s and exact steps for turning your blog into your most identifiable asset, let’s define a personal brand.

Developing a personal brand has become increasingly important in business, especially in the Internet age. Essentially, your personal brand is how you want people to view your brand. It’s how you put your best foot forward, create a certain vibe, and how you package the delivery of the value you offer your audience.

While your blog will amplify the visibility of your personal brand, let’s go over the basics of establishing your very own personal brand.

Building a personal brand with your blog

Establishing Your Personal Brand

I’ve covered personal branding in various episodes of Her Life By Design. But all the advice offered by my guest experts can be boiled down to intentions and alignment

When establishing your brand, think about what’s important to you. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to gain clarity on your personal brand:

  • What values does your brand stand for?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do they (target audience) value?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • Whose lives do you want to change?
  • What kind of people are you most excited to help?
  • What insight or perspective do you bring to your audience that no one else in your niche does?

If you need a little more help solidifying and clarifying your brand, these guest experts on Her Life By Design have a ton of advice for you:

Communicating Your Personal Brand Through Your Blog

Once you’ve gained clarity around your personal brand, it’s time to use your blog to communicate and represent it.

Here are 5 steps to running a blog that remains top of mind with your audience:

1 – Establish your brand colors and fonts

The first step you should take is to create an identifiable visual identity that represents your personal brand. Choose colors and fonts that capture the essence of your brand and how you want to make your audience feel.

In The Blogger Bootcamp, I show you how to create the most important aspects of your visual branding, including how many colors you need, how to build your color palette, how many fonts you need, and where to get them.

I recommend playing around in Canva and discovering font pairings you love if you’re just getting started. As for picking color palettes, Design Seeds is a great resource with pre-selected color palettes.

Visual branding for your blog
Denice Lachapelle Photography

2 – Discover your brand voice and writing style

Your writing style plays a huge part when it comes to personal brand – especially with blogging. That’s because the content you write for your blog communicates your brand voice.

While finding your writing voice comes with writing often and knowing how you want to communicate, here are some tips to help you discover your writing voice and style.

  • Who is your target audience, and what do they already know about your niche? – this will help you determine what niche-specific jargon to use when writing.
  • What type of relationship do you want to establish with your audience? – do you want to speak to them like a best friend? A coach? An academic? 

(Keep in mind that two things can be true at the same time. You can take on the casual tone of a best friend while positioning yourself as an expert. What I’m referring to is the tone of voice you want to use when writing for your blog. However, I’ve found that your natural speaking tone is the best way to build a strong personal brand.)

  • How would you describe your natural speaking voice? – list a bunch of descriptive words to describe your character traits. If you’re having a hard time, don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family. These adjectives can guide your writing style.
Example of about page

3 – Write a strong About page

One of the most important pages to have on your blog is your “About” page. This is where you’ll communicate your vision, mission statement, and your “why.”

Say a couple of your blog posts rank on page 1 of Google. You’ll attract the attention of new readers, and if they enjoy your writing style (and what you offer), they’ll want to find out more about you and what you do.

This is why having an “About” page that speaks directly to your target audience – making them feel seen, heard, and aligned, is so important.

While there isn’t a right or wrong way to write an about page, my top advice would be to write it in relation to your target audience. Instead of only writing about your accolades and who you are, think about points where you can relate and find commonalities between you and your reader.

4 – Always deliver value

Delivering value is always a must whenever you’re creating content for your audience, especially when you’re creating or writing long-form content such as a blog post.

That’s because if your blog post isn’t valuable, your readers will very quickly hit exit. Worse than that, they’ll associate your blog with useless, irrelevant content regarding their needs.

If you want your audience to stay on your blog, read your posts, and keep coming back for more – deliver the answers to their questions and make it more than worth their time.

5 – Create a blog posting schedule and stay consistent

Last but certainly not least, to build a strong personal brand through your blog, you need to…

(drum roll please)

Create a content calendar and stay consistent with posting on your blog.

I know, I know. Overplayed advice. It makes you go, “duh, of course.” But it’s worth repeating because if you aren’t consistent, especially at the beginning of your blogging journey, what you work towards will not be as impactful.

It won’t matter how strong your personal brand is if it’s not visible enough. And consistency is key to getting in front of your target audience and readers.

Building a Strong Personal Brand Through Blogging

Blogging is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your business. Aside from being an evergreen platform that doesn’t depend heavily on fleeting trends, it’s a great way for your readers and audience to get up close and personal with you and your brand.

You’ll be able to communicate and convey a strong brand essence and message through long-form written content. But you’ll also be able to communicate an identity with your audience visually.

If you’re new to blogging and haven’t thought about using one to build and establish your personal brand, here’s a post to help you get started, even if you don’t have any experience or tech knowledge.

And if you want to learn how your blog could even be making you passive income, click here to watch my FREE class, 4 Steps to Building a Follow-Worthy Blog That Makes $5k Per Month.

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