Personal Branding, High-Ticket Offers, and Scaling to 7-Figures

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Scaling to 7-figures in your business isn’t something that happens by chance. It’s also not something that can logically be achieved overnight. My guest today is Maya Elious. Not only is she a complete powerhouse of an entrepreneur, she is also a personal branding strategist. She has helped hundreds of students get clear on their messaging. This in turn led to her clients confidently increasing their prices and having successful 5-figure launches. Maya’s main mission is to help women increase their impact and income with their gifts and expertise. And I’m sooo thrilled to have her on the podcast to chat about personal branding, high-ticket offers, and scaling to 7-figures.

Maya Elious 01 | Personal Branding, High-Ticket Offers, and Scaling to 7-Figures

Personal Branding, High-Ticket Offers, and Scaling to 7-Figures

Maya got her foot in the branding space about 13 years ago through Myspace. She customized her Myspace profile and eventually had someone pay her $50 to customize their Myspace page. “I was blown away,” Maya remembers, “I’m like, ‘I can make money doing something I was already doing for free and for fun.’ So I just started charging more people.”

As she got more advanced, she started picking up more work as a web designer and graphic designer. “I started to really understand the science behind branding and that’s how I got into this space. So started out as a web and graphic designer, and then transitioned to messaging coaching and courses online.”

Establishing Your Expertise and Authority Online

The first thing you need to do to scale to 7-figures is to just take the first step. Who would’ve guessed that Maya’s Myspace obsession would eventually lead her to 7-figures? But after that initial step, Maya had to start establishing her expertise and authority online by building an audience. For Maya, that outlet was blogging

“I didn’t have the pressure to monetize my blog. I wanted to just share with other freelancers how I made money as a freelancer in the branding space. And so I was just sharing my expertise, because it was fun and I wanted to inspire people.”

Maya eventually branched out and started streaming live videos consistently on Periscope. “The consistency and the visibility was really helpful in growing my personal brand,” she shares. However, what Maya didn’t do was suffer from shiny object syndrome and hopped on all the latest platforms available. Instead, she went hard and strategic on her selected few.

“I think that it’s already difficult enough to just be consistent on one or two platforms. So don’t try to split your focus and hop onto something that is trendy… unless you have a team that’s helping you with all of this, I say just stay consistent. Consistency is always going to win at the end of the day.”

Stepping Into Your Zone of Genius 

Publishing content consistently only works if you’re publishing content that you want to be known for. This is why you need to step into your zone of genius and create a solid personal brand. If you need help figuring out what your zone of genius is, Maya has some sound advice for you.

“Things I tell my clients to pay attention to when they’re making a decision on niching down or when they’re pivoting are what brings them joy, what brings them money, and what creates impact. So if I can’t transform somebody’s life or business with what I’m doing, then what’s the point of doing it? If I can’t make money from it and I want it to be something business-related, what’s the point of doing it? And if I can’t be happy, what is the entire point of it being entrepreneurial?”

Knowing what brings you joy and money all while creating impact is what will set you up for success in your business endeavors. “If you’re doing something right now that has changed somebody’s life and you willingly give away your advice, or your skills, or your talent, and you love it, and it has the potential to make money… that’s likely where your zone of genius is.”

Maya Elious 02 | Personal Branding, High-Ticket Offers, and Scaling to 7-Figures

Selling High-Ticket Offers and Scaling to 7-Figures

Once you’ve stepped into your zone of genius, you’ll want to sell some sort of product like a course or a group coaching problem. A lot of entrepreneurs may initially price themselves lower before launching a high-ticket offer. Although Maya doesn’t necessarily recommend easing your way up the pricing ladder, she says that “the goal is to learn how to confidently promote yourself.”

There’s a mindset block that comes with selling high-ticket offers, whether it’s $2000 or $10,000. “A lot of people cannot even fathom selling anything for $2,000,” Maya shares. Whether it’s a group coaching program, VIP days, or one-on-one coaching, being able to confidently stand behind your offer, regardless of price point, is key. But before you can think about filling up those spots and booking high-ticket clients, you need to create content that establishes you as a trusted thought leader.

Establishing Yourself as a Thought Leader

Showing up as a thought leader builds know, like, and trust with your audience. These three elements are crucial if you want to sell anything, especially high-ticket offers. Maya advises you to “create consistent content around what you know, talking about your story and the people that you have helped or how you have transformed their lives.”

If you want to show up as an expert, chances are you’re teaching something that you’ve had a personal experience with. Maybe it’s an issue you overcame or you’ve helped a group of people overcome. Maya shares an example of being a weight loss coach for first-time moms. Your target audience will be moms who want to learn about their bodies and get them back into shape. In that case, perhaps you’re a weight-loss coach who experienced this struggle 7 years ago when you had your first child. “You realize that working out as a mom is completely different than working out before having a baby. And now you built a program around that because you are your first testimonial.”

That element of storytelling is a crucial part of your content, because “storytelling is one of the easiest ways to position yourself as an expert because you’re talking through experience.” So tell your story or tell the story of somebody that you’ve helped. 

Maya Elious 03 | Personal Branding, High-Ticket Offers, and Scaling to 7-Figures

Filling Up High-Ticket Spots

So you’re ready to launch your high-ticket offer and get spots to your group or one-on-one coaching filled up. Where do you even begin? To which, Maya says that launching and creating your funnel should be like throwing a party. 

“Let’s say you have your 30th birthday party coming up, and you’re really excited about it. But it doesn’t mean everybody else is going to be excited about it. So how are you building that anticipation and getting the excitement? The first thing you have to do is invite people and let them know that it’s coming.”

For Maya and many coaches, that could be a webinar. “Your webinar is your party where people come in and you have something for them.” She also explains the importance of delivering value through your webinar. “How are you serving them? You want them telling other people about it, right?”

Inviting your audience to the main event, getting them hyped up, sharing how your coaching will help transform their lives, businesses, and presenting your audience with a specific window of time to take action — these three things need to happen if you want to close the sale. 

Scaling to 7-Figures by Being Your Fully-Aligned Self

“The difference between a 6-figure business owner and a 7-figure business owner is that the 7-figure business owner just kept going,” Maya says. Similarly, the difference between someone who is just starting and someone who is making 6-figures is that the 6-figure business owner kept going. This episode with Maya is jammed-packed with applicable information that’ll help you move along the right path. The information Maya shares will help you get started on generating more leads through your content and scaling your way up to 7-figures, helping you achieve your definition of success.


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Website: https://www.mayaelious.com/ 

Impact Weekend: https://builttoimpact.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mayaelious/ 

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