How to Build Brand Identity and Create Content Strategically

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Having a content strategy in place is the key to succeeding on social media. Your strategy is your plan – without it, you’ll be wandering down an undetermined path hoping to reach your goals. Before you can create content strategically, there are multiple things you need to take into consideration.

How to Build Brand Identity and Create Content Strategically

Alyssa Duffy, the founder of a marketing consulting business called A-listed studio, is an expert in content creation, brand development, and influencer marketing. She joins us in this episode of Her Life By Design to share some helpful advice on building a brand identity and creating content strategically. Here are some tips to get you started:

Alyssa Duffy Headshot | How to Build Brand Identity and Create Content Strategically

Using Data to Inform Your Content Strategy

If you’re listening to this episode or reading this post, chances are you already have an existing Instagram account that you’re trying to grow. I wrote a blog post all about how you can use insights on Instagram to grow your account, but Alyssa has some great advice about why your data should inform your content strategy.

Developing an effective content calendar can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Alyssa suggests looking at your analytics to see what it is people are responding to the most, “every time you are putting together a content calendar, lean into those things that have worked before.”

And while experimentation is great, Alyssa warns about leaning too far off the edges. When it comes to trying out new content, do not lose sight of what people came to you for originally. “It’s important for you to remember that people like you for what is performing.”

Your analytics gives you a crystal clear picture of what your audience wants to see from you. But if your analytics are slipping and sliding without much consistency, it is imperative to go back to the drawing board and gain clarity on your brand identity.

Building a Strong Brand Identity

Brand recognition is one of the most important elements when you’re first starting your business. Unfortunately developing a brand identity is something a lot of businesses, including influencers, overlook. Alyssa’s definition of a brand is about “developing all of the elements that are forward-facing in your business in a way that people are going to recognize without you having to explain anything.”

According to Alyssa, a great example of this is the Skinny Confidential. The Skinny Confidential has created a distinct look and feel that people can recognize right away.

Here are some of Alyssa’s top tips for building a strong brand identity:

  • Hire a graphic designer to create a logo you love
  • Decide on your brand’s font treatments
  • Pick a color palette
  • Come up with your key brand description words 

In the episode, Alyssa dives deeper into the process she takes her clients through when developing their brand’s identity. She discusses the importance of key description words along with defining the words that your brand never wants to be.

Using Your Brand Identity to Conceptualize Content

Every influencer knows how challenging it can be to plan out your feed. Creating content is one of the things that can hold new influencers back. Luckily, Alyssa shares some of her favorite actionable tips for the process. She understands that planning your feed is a big undertaking. Alyssa encourages establishing a strong brand identity that will help set up the foundations for success.

Since Alyssa not only creates content for her personal brand but for other brands and businesses as well, she has the content creation process down to a science.

Whether it’s a product launch or day-to-day shots for your Instagram feed, you need to know what your goals are. Alyssa suggests creating a clear map detailing your brand’s needs and the concepts that meet them.

A tool that Alyssa uses to map out her content creation process is Google Slides. She compiles photography inspiration for each shot she wants and writes a checklist for the props she needs. Alyssa also details the angles, lighting, and other important factors for the photographer.

In the episode, Alyssa goes into great detail about how she maps out her content creation process and the information she includes in her slides. If you’re looking for more guidance, check out her blog post all about planning a photoshoot. Alyssa also reveals the 2 key elements that helped her improve her personal content creation process.

Putting it All Together

Creating content and managing your own social media account is tedious and a lot of hard work. So how does Alyssa build content as an influencer while overseeing the accounts of many others? The secret to Alyssa’s success with handling her workload is simply time management.

She divides her to-do list into separate lists per client along with one for her personal brand. At the start of every day, she jots down what needs to be done. Then, Alyssa numbers the projects from 1-5 in order of importance. It’s not about having one big massive list – it’s about breaking these lists down and making them more manageable.

If you’re not building a content strategy for several accounts, Alyssa suggests breaking down your personal list by types of projects or deliverables. She also discusses ways you can organize and code your tasks in this episode. Doing so will allow you to manage your time more wisely with an overview of where you’re allocating it.

Managing Your Brand’s Content (and Others’) Professionally

Knowing how to create effective content for your brand is a great skill that takes time and determination. Not only is it important for influencers, but it is also a highly sought after service if you’re hoping to make an income online.

Alyssa shares so much valuable information in this episode for influencers and freelancers alike. If you want to build content for your brand as the professionals do, tune in to this episode of Her Life By Design.

Find out more about laying the groundwork for your brand, resources for creating effective content, tips for standing out online, how to manage it all, and fostering a brand that demonstrates the importance of inclusivity and diversity.

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