Moving Past Your Fears To Scale A 6-Figure Business

Neja Premjee Headshot 02 | Moving Past Your Fears To Scale A 6-Figure Business

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What does it take to scale a 6-figure business in a year? Neha Premjee is an Ayurvedic health and weight loss coach who helps women reach their weight loss goals. She started her Ayurvedic coaching business in December of 2019. And by the end of 2020, she hit her revenue goal of 6-figures, was featured in GQ Magazine, Times Now, and appeared on India’s largest TV network. I’m also proud to say that Neha is a student of The Influencer Bootcamp. She joins us on Her Life, By Design, to help you kick off the new year with confidence by moving past your fears to scale a 6-figure business.

Neja Premjee Headshot 02 | Moving Past Your Fears To Scale A 6-Figure Business

Moving Past Your Fears to Scale a 6-Figure Business

I asked Neha to share one thing that was crucial to her success before diving into her story. Her response: overcoming her fears by choosing to believe in her vision. Consistently.

To give you a better idea, Neha made $450 in her first month of business. Due to her resilient mindset and focus on her possibilities, she began hitting $20K months in August and beyond. This wasn’t a shift that came easily for her. It takes showing up on a daily basis, choosing to focus and believe in herself, and tuning out the ever-present imposter syndrome

She made conscious investments in coaches and programs that will propel her business forward. These decisions got her to where she is today. She also showed up to do the daily mindset work and kept her body healthy so it allowed her to keep up physically. Neha reminds listeners that the energy you put out is reflective of what you’ll accomplish. This is why mindset and believing in yourself matters a great deal.

Managing Your Mindset

Like most things in life, gaining confidence and having a positive business mindset isn’t something you gain overnight. So how did Neha manage to get her mindset to a place that would allow for such explosive and rapid growth?

The process started with making a conscious investment in a coach. Through their work, Neha’s coach shared a principle that continues to stick with her. “Whenever we really want something, there’s a part of us that’s really excited about the things we want to accomplish,” Neha shares. “But there’s another part that freezes with fear and the imposter syndrome kicks in.”

Neha’s coach explained that the part that’s driven by fear is a loving part of us that wants to keep us in the same place. Since our ego loves what’s familiar, sticking to what we know keeps us safe. However, it also doesn’t allow room for us to grow, even if that new thing we want to do will create a more positive change in our lives. The advice that Neha’s coach shared was to “overwhelm yourself with excitement that your business, life, and career are changing.”

“When excitement becomes the driving force, fear will shrink in comparison,” Neha explains. She encourages listeners to put your trust and faith in what your heart truly desires, then take it one step at a time. “Normalize and acknowledge the fear, just don’t give them the power to dictate your actions.”

Solving a Common Problem

Neha started her Ayurvedic health and weight loss coaching business because of her own struggles and experiences. There was a period of time where Neha was looking for a solution to her weight loss problems. After trying restrictive and fad diets, fasting, and over-exercising, she realized that none of those methods helped her lose the weight she needed to in order to live a healthy life. That was when she looked into Ayurveda for a solution. Ayurveda is a system that believes that everything you need to heal the body can be found in nature. It’s an exhaustive system with historical roots in India.

Through her own research and experience with Ayurveda, Neha managed to lose 70lbs, getting her to a healthier and happier place. She saw how Ayurveda was able to change her life and knew that this practice shouldn’t be limited to India. Following her heart and pushing imposter syndrome to the side, she started her Ayurvedic coaching business. And in 2020 alone, she was able to transform many peoples’ lives — with her clients averaging a 20 to 30lb weight loss in 3 months.

Neja Premjee Headshot 03 | Moving Past Your Fears To Scale A 6-Figure Business

The Integrity of Service

Neha started her private Ayurvedic coaching business prior to the pandemic. A few short months after, the world went into lockdown, and business owners everywhere were left with uncertainty. However, Neha saw yet another problem that needed to be solved. Since many people were not able to work out at their gyms, Neha founded a group called “Quarantined and Lean”. This group met 3 times each week for a virtual work out session.

With the closure of gyms around the world, people were worried about their weight loss progress. But Neha sought out a solution and stepped into an authoritative role. She launched a one-month group coaching program after realizing that she had the capacity to bring people amazing results. Her clients loved the program so much that Neha extended it to two months. People trusted her and believed in her ability. One of her clients even lost 10lbs in a month, something they did not achieve back when they had access to a gym.

Because of this experience, Neha became more confident. And after working on her money mindset, she raised her rates and catered her program to a premium market. 

Focusing on Value Instead of Numbers

Even with the increase of her rates, Neha manages to constantly book and sell out through Instagram alone. And in case you’re wondering, Neha doesn’t have 100k followers. Which proves a very important point — you do not need a big following to build a 6-figure business. 

Most people assume that you need to have a massive audience in order to hit large revenue goals. Instead, Neha asks listeners to reframe that thought. “When you have 5 people whose lives and results you take responsibility for, you’ll freak out.” 

It’s easy to get carried away with the numbers Instagram shows you. But in reality, the smaller numbers can be overwhelming when you start looking at every one of them as a real-life person.

Neha tells listeners to break down the construct of the digital number and notice them for what they really are — real people. “An audience is an audience. Start focusing on adding value for those who are already in front of you.” Shift your focus from a number to adding value.

In this episode, Neha encourages listeners to start building relationships with every follower. She also assures listeners that the numbers will follow when you focus on providing value.

Be Generous with Information

When it comes to providing value and sharing information, most coaches are afraid of giving away too much for free. However, Neha ensures listeners that people will buy your program for the transformation. Sharing value on social media will help you build trust with your audience, so be generous. Neha’s pre-sale strategy is to focus on relationships. She isn’t afraid of sharing information and getting vulnerable. And because Neha shows up consistently for her audience, she’s able to create a closeness where her followers feel like friends. 

If you’re afraid of giving away too much information, Neha reassures that “the more you give to other people, the more you get in return… with or without you asking for it.” This abundance mindset opened the flood gates for Neha. Instead of constantly reaching out to leads, she has them coming to her asking how they can work with her. 

In this episode, Neha walks you through some of her best tips for getting clients on Instagram and building a solid strategy. She also talks about how The Influencer Bootcamp was instrumental in the growth of her business.

Moving Past Fear and Stepping Into Confidence

I couldn’t think of a better guest to kick off the new year with. Neha is an inspiration and I’m so honored to have played a part in her journey. If you’re at the starting line of your business, this episode is proof that anything is possible. Tune in and listen to how Neha managed to scale a 6-figure business with confidence. With a focus on providing value, being generous, and believing in herself, Neha accomplished what many business owners dream of in just a year. And if you take one thing from this episode, let it be this — everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.


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