How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy for a Better Life and Business

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Most episodes of Her Life By Design focuses on entrepreneurial topics, strategies, and mindset. We’re changing things up a little this week with my guest, Monica Yates. Monica is a life and period coach. She helps women tap into their feminine energy through the use of trauma healing, inner child healing, and subconscious reprogramming. We have an insightful conversation about how female entrepreneurs can tap into our cycle and feminine energy to have a better life and business.

Monica Yates headshot 01 | How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy for a Better Life and Business

How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy for a Better Life and Business

Have you ever thought about the correlation between your cycle and your business? Entrepreneurship requires a lot of masculine energy, which involves leadership, delegation, and structure. But as female entrepreneurs, following the hustle and grind culture of the male-dominated world isn’t sustainable. And according to Monica, trying to uphold these entirely masculine practices and ignoring our feminine energy is a fast track to burnout.

But before we tap into how your cycle and feminine energy affects the way you show up in life and your business, here’s how Monica realized the importance of her natural cycle.

Tapping Into Her Feminine Energy

Like many women, Monica experienced awful periods. And like many women, she was put on the pill as a “solution” to her problems. But what she didn’t know at that time was how the pill would cause more problems instead of fixing them. Her problems were so severe that she started losing an unhealthy amount of weight. And in case you were wondering, she was eating like a horse.  Eventually, she realized that she needed to get off the pill. And when she did, she lost her period for 18-months. Monica also turned to naturopathy, trying everything she could to fix her period problems.

It wasn’t until she started dating her then-boyfriend that she got her period back. Monica couldn’t help but wonder if there was a correlation between her period and her relationship. Since he occupied a lot of masculine energy in their relationship, Monica was forced to tap into her feminine energy.

Before this relationship, Monica was operating in a hyper-masculine state — grinding, hustling, working, and burning herself out. “I feel like it’s a correlation between what your brain is doing, your happiness levels, and your period,” Monica notes. 

It was through this realization that Monica stepped into her feminine energy. She also started coaching other women on how to do it too. She helps women heal their cycles and tap into their feminine energy. Serving women who are trying to conceive or women who are missing their periods due to stress.

Monica shares more about her journey in this episode. She also explains how she healed her cycle through healing her trauma and aligning her energy.

Monica Yates headshot 02 | How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy for a Better Life and Business

Understanding how the Pill and IUD affect your cycle

These problems surrounding our feminine energy and natural cycle starts with the narrative that birth control allows women to be more empowered. “No, it hasn’t,” Monica objects, “birth control has actually given our power away to the medical industry. We have lost our power in our cycle.”

However, Monica admits that choosing to go on birth control because it’s the best solution for you is different. She encourages women to look into all their options. “My problem is that when women walk into a doctor’s office trusting doctors, as we should, because they have spent years in medical school. But we are not given every option. We’re only given options that make them money.” 

Monica also adds that most doctors are not well-versed in the fertility awareness method. In this episode, Monica explains how stress can offset ovulation and affect our cycle. She also explains how the fertility awareness method takes these little nuances into consideration. And as such, it empowers women with a deeper understanding of their bodies. 

And in terms of the pill, IUD, and hormonal birth control, Monica explains that “the reason why it’s bad for your body is because it shuts it down.”

The pill, for example, stops the connection between your brain and your ovaries. “Your brain talks to your ovaries and tells it to release this hormone. And that’s how you have your cycle. The pill is powerful enough to shut down that pathway of communication.”

On the other hand, an IUD is a foreign object in your womb that releases progesterone. This can cause complications with conception. 

Monica dives into more details about how the pill and IUD can be harmful to women. Especially when hormonal birth control interrupts ovulation and the four phases of your cycle.

The Four Phases of Your Cycle

For female entrepreneurs, understanding the four phases of your cycle will allow you to optimize your time and energy. It’ll also help you to prevent burnout. For example, there are certain times in our cycle where we’re feeling more introverted. There are other times where we’re feeling like we can do it all. As Monica explains, your bleed is “that introverted time where you go inwards and relax, reflecting on things over the last month.”

Next, you come into your follicular and ovulation phases, where you’ll feel more energetic, allowing you to tackle more to-do’s, hang out with friends, and stay up late. Finally, your luteal phase (which leads you back to your bleed), is a time to slow down and tune into your more analytical side. 

“Now by following this cycle, you won’t burn out. Because you are giving yourself time to rest and time to enjoy the highs.” Monica stresses the importance of working with our cycles instead of against them. Since men’s hormonal cycles last for 24 hours and women’s spans 30 days, it takes men a long time to burnout. “It’s impossible for women to be men in the workplace because we are not wired the same way.” 

This is why tuning into our natural cycles is so important. “When you have a healthy cycle, your body is going to be in rhythm with things, you’re going to feel good, you’re going to have a great libido. And you’re going to allow yourself to feel the different versions of you and your cycle. And by honoring the different versions of you, you’ll actually be able to enjoy it.”

Supporting Your Body After Birth Control

So what can you do to tap back into your natural cycle after getting off birth control? Monica answers this question with a reminder that every single person is different. She emphasizes that “whatever your body is doing, it’s not broken, it’s not wrong, it’s always trying to protect itself, it’s trying to do the right thing.” But as a general rule of thumb, Monica recommends looking at all your vitamins since your nutrient gets depleted.

Generally, Monica suggests eating a very nutrient-dense diet in order to support your body, making it feel safe to bring your cycle back. “Think of it like this,” Monica shares, “your cycle isn’t going to come back until your subconscious brain feels like the world is safe around it to make a baby.” When our bodies aren’t getting the hits of dopamine and serotonin it needs, our subconscious feels like it’s in an unsafe environment.

As a result, we start seeing problems arise. “Whether it’s you not getting your period back after hormonal birth control, whether it’s you having a period go MIA during COVID, whether it’s your cycle becoming really long, or maybe it’s hormonal acne.”

To better support your body, Monica recommends looking into how nutrient-dense your diet is. “Things like B vitamins, K vitamins, A vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc — all those micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Because if your body is deficient in them, that can create a stress response.”

Monica Yates Headshot 03 | How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy for a Better Life and Business

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies as an Entrepreneur

As female entrepreneurs, we’re often called to step into masculine roles and structures. But as Monica has pointed out, operating solely in the masculine is not a sustainable structure for women. According to Monica, tapping into feminine energy for female entrepreneurs is all about being receptive. “It’s about being receptive to your environment, to the people around you, slowing down, looking after yourself, going inwards, and just honoring what your body needs, what your heart needs.”

Monica reminds listeners that stepping into your masculine energy of structures and leadership is important. In fact, these masculine structures allow room for your feminine energy to flow and thrive. “With the way our nervous systems work, your feminine won’t feel safe to be flourishing, if there isn’t masculine structure.” 

It’s especially important for female entrepreneurs to strike a balance between their feminine and masculine energies. Only when we honor both, can we build sustainable and authentic businesses that allow us to serve our clients with integrity.

How Your Cycle Can Affect Your Launch

Another topic that Monica and I discuss in this episode is how our cycles can affect our launch. To which, Monica emphasizes the importance of tapping into your receptive, feminine energy. “If you are not deeply embodied in your feminine, then you’re not in that receptive energy. And that’s receiving. So if you’re just hustling, doing an Instagram Live every day, and putting up a million slides for the hell of it, that is actually repelling clients.”

Doing things just because it’s expected out of your launch, without being receptive and in the right mindset can actually do more harm to your business. In fact, if you’re just going through the motions even if you’re not feeling up to the task, your audience can feel your shift in energy. Operating and launching in this way means you’re not setting yourself for success. 

In this episode, Monica shares how female entrepreneurs can use the different phases of your cycle to optimize your launch. She also discusses how doing so will allow you to step fully into the right energy, attracting the clients who are aligned with you and your business.

Reshaping the Way Women Run Businesses

This episode is a gold mine for female entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s not often that we have discussions regarding how women’s cycles and our feminine energies affect both our lives and businesses. Unfortunately, in the world of business, one-size does not fit all. And as women, we need to honor our energies and our bodies, giving them the right environment to thrive. Tune in to this episode as Monica explains how female entrepreneurs can work with our cycles and feminine energy in order to optimize our business on our own terms.


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