40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

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You most likely know a travel lover or two in your life, or perhaps you are one yourself. In that case, you probably want to get the traveler you know (or yourself) something extra special this year. Considering that travel is no longer what we thought it was, your favorite jet setter is most likely staying home for the holidays. To brighten their holidays up with a little Christmas cheer, here are 40 perfect gifts for travel lovers.

40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travel related gifts aren’t just suitcases, plane tickets, and experiences. In fact, some of the best travel gifts bring travel right into your home. This gift guide is separated into several categories. Whether you’re looking for practical gifts for packing, or gifts that’ll inspire new adventures — these gifts are perfectly picked out for travel lovers, by a travel lover.

Best Gifts For Travel Lovers: Suitcases and Bags

Monos suitcase carry on | 40 perfect gifts for travel lovers
Photo Credit: Monos

Monos Travel Suitcase

A suitcase is a pretty standard gift for travel lovers… but have you met Monos? Monos’ suitcases are built for a lifetime of travel. Whether you’re rolling it down a cobblestone street or a dirt road, Monos’ sturdy handles and wheels will keep up to the challenge. And for over packers, the compression pad will help you save lots of room. This suitcase is so good, I had to include it in my gift guide for female entrepreneurs as well.

Away travel carry on detachable charger | 40 perfect gifts for travel lovers
Photo Credit: @away & @quayaustralia

Away Carry-On Suitcase

Another contender would be the Away Travel suitcase. Although the handles on Away’s luggage are flimsier compared to Monos’, the main draw for getting an Away carry-on suitcase is the detachable power bank in the back. This makes charging your devices on-the-go easy and convenient.

Packing Cubes

For the super-organized traveler, packing cubes are a must. As for unorganized travelers, packing cubes will be a gamechanger. Monos sells sets of 4 to 6 packing cubes in 3 neutral colors. And if you’re purchasing a Monos Suitcase as a gift for someone or yourself, you can pick these packing cubes up with an additional 15% off. Beis travel also carries great packing cubes if you’re looking for another option.

Beis Cosmetic Case beige | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: Beis Travel

Cosmetic Case

Any girl traveling with tons of skincare products and makeup knows how important a good cosmetic case is. Beis has the best travel cosmetic cases. Not only are they shaped perfectly for any suitcase, but they’re also easy to clean in case your product gets everywhere while in flight. And ladies, Beis’ travel cosmetic case solves the problem of packing makeup brushes with a specialized compartment.

Mejuri jewelry case in black | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @miazarrella

Jewelry Case

Jewelry cases are game-changers for girls who travel with necklaces, rings, and bracelets. This Mejuri jewelry case will keep your jewelry tangle-free and organized. If the travel lover you’re shopping for is planning on dressing up during their vacation, they won’t have to spend 30-minutes detangling a necklace beforehand.

Travel tech case from Away | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travel Tech Case

For the travel influencers and bloggers, a tech travel case will keep all your gear organized. You can store flash drives, SD cards, AirPods, chargers, and any necessary cables in your tech case. Away makes a great case that’ll fit perfectly in your carry-on or backpack. 

Dagne Dover signature tote bag | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @dagnedover

Tote Bag

A great on-the-go tote bag is essential. This Dagne Dover tote takes it one step further with designated compartments for everything. Say goodbye to scrambling for your passport, phone, or boarding pass, this tote bag will help you find what you need when you need it. 

Douchebags CIA camera bag | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: Douchebags

Camera Bag

Another great gift for content creators is this camera bag by Douchebags. This bag will keep your camera gear protected while saving you packing space. You can fit a few lenses, a GoPro, and even a hard drive. But if you have more gear and need more space, opt for the larger backpack version.

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Carry-On Essentials

Travel wellness kit by Away | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travel Wellness Kit

In light of 2020, this travel wellness kit by Away will come in handy for anyone hopping on a flight anytime soon. This kit includes a reusable silicone face mask which comes with 5 filters, hand sanitizer, a pack of anti-bacterial wipes, and dissolvable soap sheets. This is a great kit that’ll protect your favorite traveler, as well as the other travelers around them.

Carry-on cocktail kit | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

For the travel lover who happens to love the finer things in life, this carry-on cocktail kit is the perfect stocking stuffer. These kits come with everything you need to craft a Moscow mule, gin and tonic, or an old fashion up in the clouds. Each kit has enough ingredients to make 2 cocktails so treat yourself, and maybe your travel partner, before take-off or landing. Oh, and yes… they’re TSA compliant.

Cadence capsule cases for carry-on | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @keepyourcadence

Cadence Cases

There are 2 types of travelers in this world – the ones who pack lightly and those who pack their life’s belongings for a weekend trip. If the travel lover you’re shopping for happens to be on team carry-on, these Cadence cases are perfect for storing any skincare, supplements, or beauty products. These honeycomb-shaped cases are magnetic, which saves a lot of room in your cosmetic case.

Larq UVC self cleaning water bottle | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @livelarq

Larq Water Bottle 

Meet the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. Larq uses a UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99% of bio-contaminants from the water in your bottle. This comes in handy if the traveler you’re shopping for is trying to reduce their intake of plastic water bottles while on the road. You’d be surprised at how lightweight this water bottle is, considering the technology it comes with. A Larq water bottle will be one of the most useful gifts for any traveler.

Muji microbead neck pillow | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: Muji USA

Neck Pillow

For the frequent flyer in your life, this neck pillow will be a great gift idea. Unlike most foam neck pillows, Muji’s version is created with microbeads that contours to the shape of your neck. And if the traveler you’re shopping for doesn’t use a neck pillow, they can unclip the front buckles and use the pillow as support for their lower backs. This neck pillow is a must, especially for long-haul flights. Trust me.

CleanPod sterilizing wand | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: Monos

CleanPod UVC Wand Sterilizer

This CleanPod wand sterilizer is on-trend for traveling in 2020. Now more than ever, travelers are wary about every surface they encounter. From tray tables on planes to desks in hotel rooms, this CleanPod wand sterilizer will give peace of mind to any traveler by using UVC light to kill 99% of the germs it encounters. All you need to do is wave this wand over any surface you’d like to sterilize for over 30-seconds. Best of all, partial proceeds from every wand will be donated to the United Way India COVID-19 National Response Fund, which helps provide food and essential needs to communities across India. 

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Pets

SleepyPod air pet carrier | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @sleepypod

Pet Carrier

If the travel lover you’re shopping for is a pet parent, a pet carrier may come in handy. Whether they’re thinking of flying or driving, having a great carrier is essential for your fur baby’s safety and well-being. The Sleepy Pod Air is the safest pet carrier for both in-cabin air and car travel. It’s also certified by the center of Pet Safety. 

Pink Wild One harness walk kit | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @wildone

Wild One Harness Kit

The Wild One Harness is cushioned, and oh-so-comfortable for your dog. And because it’s cushioned, it will not chafe and irritate your dog’s skin, no matter how much they pull. The harness has a front and back clip, which makes it easier for you to navigate traveling with your fur baby. If your dog is easily distracted, the front clip harness will help you command their attention.

Thundershirt products for dogs | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @thundershirtcompany


For travelers new to traveling with their pets, a Thundershirt will be incredibly helpful in calming your fur baby’s nerves. These shirts are designed to fit your pet like a warm hug, which makes your dog feel like you’re swaddling them. Think about it as the weighted blanket equivalent for dogs with anxiety. 

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Tech and Gear

Amazon kindle | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @amazonkindle


An Amazon Kindle is a gamechanger for travelers who like to read. Instead of lugging a heavy book that takes up way too much room, a Kindle will save travelers space without having to sacrifice their reading list. Not to mention, they’ll have access to a whole library of books wherever they are in the world.

GoPro Hero 9 under water shot | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @carloscostan

GoPro Hero 9

Did you really do that wild crazy thing if you didn’t catch it on camera? The GoPro Hero 9 will keep up with any wild adventure your favorite traveler will go on. Take it skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving. The GoPro will be up for capturing any wild adventure any traveler would dare take it on.

Photo Credit: DJI

DJI Osmo Pocket

This lightweight, incredibly small camera is a great alternative to the GoPro. With intelligent shooting and lossless stability, this camera will capture any traveler’s adventures while keeping it stable and professional. It also syncs with any smartphone to allow for optimized viewing and an enhanced photography experience. And if the traveler you’re shopping for is new to vlogging, this would be a great, compact introduction camera.

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Fashion

Naadam cashmere Lounge set
Photo Credit:

Lounge Wear

The key to dressing for air travel is loose, comfortable fabrics with lots of pockets. The fleece sweatpant from Naadam Cashmere is a great option for optimal comfort. You can also snag a matching sweatshirt to complete your look. Alo’s muse sweatpant is also a great option that has a matching hoodie as well.

Kenny Flowers swimsuits | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @kennyflowers_


If the travel lover you know is planning on a tropical escape this winter, they’ll be needing some great swimsuits. Lspace has a ton of great options to flatter all body types. Kenny Flowers and Water Colors Swim has a lot of fun options for both men and women. And if you’re looking for cover-ups and beachwear, Kenny Flowers has a wide variety of sarongs, coverups, and kimonos. 

Allbirds white wool runners | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @allbirds

Travel Shoes

The most overlooked part of dressing for a long-haul flight is what you wear on your feet. For comfortable, happy feet, gift the traveler in your life a pair of extremely comfortable shoes. Allbirds’ shoes are created with comfort in mind. Their wool runners and loungers are perfect for transitioning any traveler from airplane to explore mode. For the eco-conscious traveler, Rothy’s is a great alternative. These shoes are made out of recycled water bottles, but don’t let that fool you — they’re incredibly comfortable

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Foodies

Lonely Planet street food cook book | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: Amazon

Travel-Themed Cookbook

Know a foodie who is just dying to try new cuisine from their kitchen? Gift them with a travel-themed cookbook. If the traveler you’re shopping for loves street food, get them Lonely Planet’s “World’s Best Street Food: Where to Find Them & How to Make It.” As for vegan travelers, Ellie Bullen’s “The Global Vegan” features vegan recipes of popular dishes around the world. Or for the cocktail loving traveler, “Around the World in 80 Cocktails” is the gift that keeps on giving… at least for 80 days.

Pasta machine from Italy | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: Amazon

Pasta Machine

Not much else beats fresh homemade pasta. A pasta machine will be a great addition to any food-loving traveler’s kitchen. The Marcato Atlas pasta machine includes a cutter, hand crank, and easy-to-follow instruction. This pasta machine is made in Italy, so you know it’s the real deal. It’s so good that it has been affectionately dubbed the Ferrari of pasta machines.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Mexican Molcajete

Molcajetes are used to crush and grind spices for salsa, guacamole, and many other sauces. Using a molcajete to prepare salsa and guacamole will give your dish a distinctive texture, and even flavor that just can’t be achieved in a regular blender. Made out of natural volcanic stones, the molcajete provides the perfect griding surface for spices, which will level up your salsa game.

Atlas coffee club subscription | 40 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers
Photo Credit: @atlascoffeeclub

Atlas Coffee Club

Coffee and travel? Sign me up. This coffee subscription company sends the travel lover of your choice a new bag of coffee every month. The coolest part? Each month features coffee from a different part of the world. They also include a little postcard from the destination, as well as the best preparation methods for each specific coffee. From Ethiopia, Colombia, Tanzania, and so many more destinations… Atlas Coffee Club will take you around the world through the taste of coffee. 

Moka Express Bialetti
Photo Credit: @bialettiofficial

Bialetti Espresso Maker

Speaking of coffee, the Moka espresso maker by Bialetti is the best way to brew rich, authentic espresso in just a few minutes. In fact, the Moka Express has become a staple in every Italian household these days. And the smell of rich espresso brewing on your stove will fill your kitchen in the morning, and who doesn’t like to wake up to that? 

Virtual Cooking Class

Did you know that Airbnb started hosting a wide variety of online experiences? This is a great way to explore the world right from your couch. Although there are a lot of different experiences that will excite any traveler, a virtual cooking class is definitely a great idea for a Christmas gift. Let your tastebuds travel to Colombia with this Empanadas and Arepas cooking class, or explore Indian through its rich, flavorful cuisine. The virtual opportunities are endless for your tastebuds.

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Home


Adding a great travel print to any wall will bring a sense of wanderlust into your home. Haylsa and Kyle’s newly launched print store carries a wide variety of great travel prints. They have a huge selection of prints from a number of destinations. Choose from Italy, Australia, and even the United States, these prints will fit right in any travel lover’s home

Accidentally Wes Anderson book
Photo Credit: @accidentallywesanderson

Travel Books

You can tell a lot about a person based on their coffee table books. If you’d like to show how well you know the traveler you’re shopping for, surprise them with the “My Tiny Atlas” book. Other great coffee table books include “Dame Traveler: Live the Spirit of Adventure,” by Nastasia Yakoub, or “Accidentally Wes Anderson,” by Wally Koval. 

Scratch off world map
Photo Credit: Amazon

Scratch-Off Map

If you’re shopping for a young traveler who is eager to get out and explore, get them a scratch-off world map. This is a great way for them to keep track of their travels and memories while helping them set newer and bigger travel goals.

Homesick New York City candle
Photo Credit: @homesick & @fieldnotesbrand

Travel-Themed Candles

Candles are a must in any home. So why not surprise a traveler with a candle that reminds them of their favorite place? Homesick creates candles that remind us of some of our favorite cities and states. Or get these candles by Paddywax Candles that are inspired by US national parks. A candle is always a great idea, so why not get one with a travel twist?

Rifle Paper Co Explore the World Calendar

2021 Calendar

Help your favorite traveler ring in the new year with a cute travel-themed wall calendar from Rifle Paper Co. Each month features an illustration of a popular travel destination. Whether you’re flipping through Rome in February, or Hawaii in June — this calendar will fit in perfectly in any female traveler’s home.

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers: Outdoor Adventurers

Oru Kayak by Dangitzrex
Photo Credit: @dangitzrex

Foldable Kayak

If you’d really like to spoil and surprise an outdoor travel enthusiast — gift them with one of Oru’s kayaks. These aren’t any ordinary kayaks, they’re the original origami kayak. They’re foldable which means they’re easy to store and more compact than a regular kayak. This would be a great gift for outdoor adventurers, especially van lifers. 

Yeti blue tumbler
Photo Credit: @b.m.a.c.adventures

Yeti Products

From their best-selling travel tumblers to their coolers — Yeti products are a great gift for travelers who love spending time in the great outdoors. Their products are high-quality and made to withstand accidental drops. Their tumblers keep drinks cold or hot (depending on your beverage) longer than most tumblers. As for their coolers? It can keep food and ice cool for up to 3 days.

Stasher bags in different sizes
Photo Credit: @stasherbag

Stasher Bag

These eco-friendly Ziploc replacement bags are perfect for hikers and travelers who like to pack their own snacks. They’re reusable, durable, and come in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re packing a sandwich on the go or just some trail mix, Stasher has a size to meet all your snacking needs.

Reusable bamboo cutlerys
Photo Credit: Amazon

Reusable Cutlery

Reusable cutlery is another outdoor and camping essential. And as we slowly adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle, reusable cutlery will come in handy for multiple occasions. So ditch single-use plastic with this affordable bamboo travel utensil set

Scrubba Bags
Photo Credit: Amazon

Scrubba Bags

Scrubba bags make doing laundry on the go easy and convenient. For van lifers and campers, these are incredibly useful. But they also come in handy for travelers who need to run something through the wash without paying exorbitant hotel prices. 

Earth pack dry bag
Photo Credit: Amazon

Waterproof Dry Bag

Keeping your phone, camera, and other gear safe and dry might be challenging, especially for those who love water sports. A waterproof dry bag will keep all of your most important belongings safe and out of harm’s way, allowing travelers to spend worry-free days out on the sea.

Thoughtful Travel Gifts for the Holidays

These 40 gifts will brighten any traveler’s holiday season. Even though traveling is complicated and not as accessible in 2020, these gifts will let the travel lover in your life know that you’re thinking about them. With a variety of price points, there’s a gift for every type of traveler. So let this list be your guide — whether you’re shopping for a jet setter, road tripper, or backpacker this Christmas.

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