30+ Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

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As the holiday season approaches, you may know a girl boss or two who made it on the nice list. Shopping for female entrepreneurs can be incredibly tricky. Most of the time, their entrepreneurial goal-getter attitude has already driven them to get what they want. And as admirable as that attitude is, it makes shopping for your female entrepreneur friends quite complicated. This is why I’ve put together this list. As a busy entrepreneur myself, these are some gift ideas that are thoughtful and valuable in both my personal life and business. And if you’re shopping for that lucky lady boss in your life, here are the ultimate gifts for female entrepreneurs.

30+ Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re gift shopping for a business owner. It’s important to know what they need help with and how you can bring a little calm to their day. In this post, you’ll find several perfect gift ideas that’ll make for a great addition to any girl boss’s life.

Gifts For Female Entrepreneurs: Beauty, Wellness, and Relaxation.

Spa kit set from The Knack | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: The Knack

A Relaxing Spa Kit

If there’s one thing every busy entrepreneur needs, it’s a little R&R. A spa kit will come in handy for any female entrepreneur on a number of occasions. Customize your own spa kit by combining several products. Herbivore’s Calm Soaking Salts and their Pink Clay Exfoliating Floral Mask are great options. This gift will help any girl boss rest, recharge, and get ready to conquer any task.

Bath bomb set | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Amazon

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are great stocking stuffers for female entrepreneurs. It’s the perfect companion for a long hot bath that’ll soak their stress away. You can add one or two to your personally curated spa kit, or surprise her an entire box of bath bombs.

Summer Fridays Hydration set | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Sephora

Skincare Set

A skincare set is always a great idea. Not only does it start your morning routine off, but it also ensures that your skin is well-nourished and glowy throughout the day. Sephora has a few pre-selected bundles for a range of different skin types. The Tatcha Pure and Glowing trio, Summer Fridays Hydration set, and the Drunk Elephant Dewy kit are a few great options under $100. 

Lounge Set

Spoil your favorite entrepreneur with a luxurious lounge set. As we all know, comfort is a priority. And this is especially true for goal-getting girl bosses working from home. Naadam Cashmere has gorgeous options suitable for multiple occasions. Their cashmere hoodies and joggers are perfect for spending a day at the home office, running errands, or taking a power nap. For a more affordable option, try the lounge set from Parachute. It’s the perfect combo for comfort and warmth during the holiday season. 

Calm app screen example | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: @calm

Meditation App Subscriptions

To help encourage a little mindfulness, a subscription to apps like Headspace or Calm would be a thoughtful gift. Headspace features hundreds of guided meditations that’ll help any female entrepreneur work through what she needs most. Calm, on the other hand, is the top app to aid with sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Calm features a library of video training for mindful movement, and masterclasses taught by mindfulness experts.

Equilibria CBD

This CBD company was founded by 2 female entrepreneurs who knew how everyday stress could affect overall performance and health. And while the benefits of CBD have become apparent in recent years, Equilibria personalizes your dosage based on your specific needs. From soft gels and daily drops to treatment oils and relief creams, every purchase comes with a complimentary dosage consultation. 

PS: use my code “christinagalbato” for a discount.

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs: Home Office

Otherland Chandelier candle | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Otherland


Keeping up with the theme of relaxation, candles make a great addition to any home office. As your favorite entrepreneur works well into the evening, lighting a candle will help melt the stresses of the day away. Otherland makes beautiful hand-poured candles that’ll bring some much-needed aromatherapy into the office.

The sill plants | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: The Sill

Indoor Plants

2020 taught us many things, one of them being that if you can’t go outdoors, you bring the great outdoors in. Whether the female entrepreneur in your life is an avid or aspiring plant mom, there’s no denying that adding a little greenery to your office can really bring a little zen to the workspace. The Sill is a great place to shop for plant gifts. Their site thoroughly describes the amount of work needed to care for the plant of your choice. Their selection includes entry-level plants like Philodendron Greens, or the pet-friendly Bird’s Nest Fern. Sprucing up a home office has never been easier with a wide selection of plants that range from easy-to-care-for to expert plant mom level.


Office organizers are a great gift for business owners who work from home. These baskets and trays from West Elm are great options to keep anyone organized. Not to mention, it will add a nice neutral design aesthetic to any female entrepreneur’s home office.

Blueland cleaning gift set
Photo Credit: @blueland

Blueland Cleaning Products

Blueland makes stocking up on cleaning products a breeze, helping your favorite entrepreneur check a few items off their shopping list. This eco-friendly company sells toxic-free cleaning tabs for all your cleaning essentials. Their products range from surface cleaners, glass cleaners, hand soap, and laundry detergent. These tablets are compact, easily storable, and produce a full bottle’s worth of product, delaying any business owner’s next cleaning supply run.

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs: Travel

Monos travel terra cotta suitcase | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Monos

Monos Travel Suitcase

For the travel bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs out there, having a great suitcase is crucial. Whether you’re team carry-on or team check-in, Monos’ collection of suitcases are durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Best of all, their luggage is built to last and they back that commitment up with a lifetime warranty.

Beis Travel Accessories

To keep any female entrepreneur organized on their trip, check out Beis’ travel accessories. Their cosmetic cases are spill-proof, easy to clean, and beautifully designed. They also carry packing cubes, laptop cases, and passport holders so you can create your own travel gift set

Dagne Dover laptop case
Photo Credit: Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover Laptop Tote

This laptop tote is designed with traveling female entrepreneurs in mind. There’s enough room for your laptop, charger, phone, and notebooks, with individualized compartments. Clearing TSA would be a breeze with the easy access this laptop tote has.

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs: Productivity and Business Building

The Content Planner
Photo Credit: The Content Planner

The Content Planner

Want to help your blogger and influencer friends build their business? The Content Planner by Kat Gaskin makes for the perfect gift for any digital entrepreneur. This planner will help bloggers, content creators, and online business owners stay organized and motivated. But best of all — it will help any her keep track of her metrics, taking her one step closer to her goal.

Grammarly Subscription

Writing is a crucial part of an entrepreneur’s daily tasks. If she’s writing emails, captions for social media, or longer-form articles for her blog, having a tool like Grammarly will make her job a lot easier. Grammarly catches grammar and spelling errors, but it also gives writers advanced suggestions from tone adjustments, formality levels, and clarity-focused sentence rewrites.

Laptop Christina

Online Courses

This would be a great gift for any aspiring female entrepreneur. Whether she’s starting her influencer or blogger career, or she’s considering a remote business — there’s a course for that. Some of the best include Esther Inman’s 90 Day VA, or any course by Bucketlist Bombshells. And if the entrepreneur in your life is an aspiring blogger, I have a free training on how she can start a successful and profitable blog.

Tailwind Subscription

Tailwind is a powerful scheduling tool that’ll help automate pinning on Pinterest. Additionally, Tailwind has a plan for Instagram scheduling and planning as well. If you’d like to surprise the blogger in your life with a gift that will propel her business forward, a Tailwind subscription is a perfect gift for her. 

Amazon Audible

An Amazon Audible subscription is a great gift idea for any busy entrepreneur. Audible has a wide selection of audiobooks that ranges from business to entertainment. And if the lady boss you’re shopping for can barely find time in her schedule to read, an Audible subscription means she’ll never miss out on a book again.

Kindle Unlimited screenshot
Photo Credit: Amazon

Kindle Unlimited

For the entrepreneur who is constantly reading and growing, a Kindle Unlimited subscription will gift her with an endless library of books to choose from. Kindle Unlimited subscription plans also include numerous magazines and unlimited audiobooks. If she doesn’t have a Kindle, she’ll be able to access her subscription through the Kindle App either on her iPad or phone. 

Riffle Paper Co 2021 calendar
Photo Credit: @riflepaperco

A Planner

A planner is essential for any entrepreneur who likes to stay on top of tasks, but not all planners are created equally. Rifle Paper Co. has a great selection of planners that include daily, weekly, and monthly overviews. Their larger, spiral-bound planners include thoughtful touches like inspirational quotes, a section for notes and contacts, and pocket folders for storage. thank you cards | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: @Moo Gift Card

From business cards to marketing material, a gift card to would be a great gift idea for any female entrepreneur. will print any custom design onto a business card, sticker, postcard, and print-based marketing materials. In other words, it’s an incredibly valuable service for business owners. And if she has no need for printed marketing materials, has a suite of customizable stationery from notebooks, journals, and letterheads.

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs: Food & Drink

A Meal Subscription Box

If you really want to help your entrepreneurial friends, feed them! It’s not uncommon for a busy girl boss to get caught up with tasks that they forget to feed themselves. And when that happens, we end up turning to Postmates or UberEats. Often resulting in indulgent, not-so-healthy meal choices. Gift them with a meal subscription box like Sun Basket or Daily Harvest. Both of which feature easy-to-cook, quick-fix meals that are healthy and nourishing.

Our Place Always Pan meal
Photo Credit: @eastcoastfox

Our Place Always Pan

A few female entrepreneurs find cooking to be a therapeutic and relaxing experience. For them, the Always Pan from Our Place will be the perfect gift. This all-in-one pan replaces several kitchen tools from a frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, spatula, and more. Not to mention, it’ll likely be the most attractive pan you’ll ever see.

Nespresso coffes machine | The Ultimate Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: @nespresso

Nespresso Machine

If the entrepreneur in your life can’t function without a cup of coffee, a Nespresso machine would be the perfect gift this holiday season. Having a Nespresso machine means she’ll have access to delicious brews without the hassle of a coffee run. 

Winc wine box | Holiday Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: @winc

Wine Subscription Box

Wine always makes for a great gift idea. But more often than not, the problem with gifting a girl boss a bottle of wine comes down to a matter of taste. With companies like Winc or First Leaf Wine Club, you can treat the entrepreneur in your life to a box of 4 (or more) bottles of wine of their choice.

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs: Services

House-Cleaning Services

Take a little work off a busy entrepreneur’s plate and she’ll be grateful for life. A gift certificate to a cleaning service will help a girl boss free up some time in her schedule. It’ll also take the stress of household chores off her plate, allowing her to dedicate more time to her business.

Brand photoshoot example | The Ultimate Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs


Whether a female entrepreneur is well-established or just starting out, surprising her with a professional brand photoshoot is a great idea. If she already has a set of photos to use, speak to the photographer directly and ask them about pre-paid credit options. When the time comes for this lucky girl boss to update her brand photos, she’ll be ready thanks to your great gift.

Massage and spa services | The Ultimate Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

Gift Certificate for Massage Services

We could all use a massage after the year we’ve had. This is especially true for the lady boss you’re shopping for. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate to the spa or massage services. 

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs: Tech

How to Get Followers on TikTok | Christina Galbato

Ring Light

For the aspiring influencer, content creator, blogger, or course creator — a ring light would be a great gift idea. A ring light will help her produce high-quality content, taking her social media content (and Zoom meetings) to a new, elevated level.

Airpods Pro | The Ultimate Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro features advanced noise-canceling technology that will make phone calls and meetings a breeze for entrepreneurs. In addition to traditional noise cancellation for an immersive experience, the AirPods Pro has a “transparency mode”. This feature allows you to tune out of noise-canceling mode and into your surroundings. The AirPods Pro is also designed for an incredibly comfortable fit, so girl bosses can feel like they don’t even have them on.

Phone holder | The Ultimate Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Amazon

Nano Suction Phone Holder

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, influencers are now facing a new problem: how do I stick my phone to any surface? That is why the Nano Suction Phone Holder makes for a great stocking stuffer. With this device, they won’t have to go through the awkward process of duct-taping their phone to their walls or mirrors.

Hatch Restore alarm clock | The Ultimate Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: @hatchforsleep

Hatch Restore

This alarm clock designed by sleep experts helps entrepreneurs establish a healthy nightly routine. The Hatch Restore encourages deep, natural sleep with features like a sunrise alarm clock. It also features a customizable sleep routine, accompanied by meditation and breathing exercises to help you wind down after a long day. This gift will be a game-changer that helps female entrepreneurs start their day on the right foot.

32 Perfect Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

And there you have it! My ultimate gift guide for female entrepreneurs. Whether they’re at the beginning or the middle of their journey, these gifts will serve any girl boss. This list covers a range of budget types, so mix and match a few, or go all out on one luxurious gift. Whatever you choose, these gifts will impress any female entrepreneur who receives it.

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