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How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Email List


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Would you believe me if I told you that there’s a platform that helps more people find your blog? No, I’m not talking about Instagram, Facebook, or even SEO. I’m talking about Pinterest! Justyn Gourdin is here to share how you can increase traffic and grow your blog with Pinterest.

Justyn Gourdin is a Pinterest guru. She has traveled the world supporting herself through helping bloggers and online businesses maximize their growth using Pinterest. 

Justyn joins the podcast to discuss the benefits of using Pinterest to drive new readers to your blog and how to use Pinterest to generate leads and build your email list. Justyn also walks us through her step-by-step process of everything that comes after publishing a blog post. We also discuss how bloggers and online business owners should be approaching their Pinterest strategy during the COVID-19 crisis. And lastly, we dive into a conversation about how to become a Pinterest manager and how to get your first client.

How to Grow Your Blog With Pinterest

If you’re a blogger who isn’t on Pinterest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It’s a powerful platform that allows more people to find your blog through pins on Pinterest. Justyn dives into the ins and outs of the platform in this episode, including how she discovered the power of Pinterest.

What did you do before becoming a Pinterest Manager?

“Before becoming a Pinterest Manager I was a nursing student,” Justyn begins. “I had gone into nursing head on, then my parents sat me down and said ‘You should take a break, maybe take a year off, go abroad.’ This was all new to me because I was like ‘Wait, I’m doing everything you wanted, I’m going to be be a nurse and have a job!”

“After a year of traveling, I didn’t want to go back home. I had toyed around with starting a travel blog and decided to go for it, to see if I could make money off of it to keep traveling.”

Justyn went to Bali to do a blogging boot camp, and ended up staying, but ran out of money. “I kept thinking, ‘I’ll figure it out. The blog will pay the bills,” she reflects. “I ended up living with a girl who worked online. As funny as it sounds, I never thought anything other than my blog would make me money!”

Transforming Into an In-Demand Pinterest Manager

So, while Justyn waited for her blog to provide her income, she worked on other peoples’ blogs that already were. While juggling freelance work, Justyn found Pinterest. She began devoting her time to figuring out how it worked, on her blog, and found her calling.

“My blog started to take off. Then this girl I lived with said ‘Hey, can you do this for my blog? I will pay you.’ I was like ‘Wait, what? You’ll give me money for this too!?” Justyn giggles.

From that initial client, along with the growth of her own blog, Pinterest Management snowballed for Justyn, and she was able to get back to traveling, while making her income as a Pinterest Manager. 

Understanding How Pinterest Works

On your Pinterest account, you’ll want to create boards that are specific to a certain topic on your Pinterest profile. Each board description notifies potential readers as to what they can expect from this particular board. Then, you’ll pin images and pin descriptions with a call to action that fits any relevant board, curating a collection of valuable resources.

Beyond the basics, Pinterest users can set up rich pins that automatically sync information from your website directly to your Pin. This will keep other Pinterest users up-to-date with any changes you’ve made on your blog.

Why should Pinterest be a huge part of a blogger’s strategy?

Justyn drops the stats – “Last year Pinterest overtook Snapchat as one of the top social platforms in the US! They currently have 22 million active users every single month, who are actually on there pinning. Pinterest has a consumer spend rate of 70 – 80%, so it’s actually a huge platform to reach people and sell to people.”

Another reason why Pinterest is amazing is because it’s a great way to get people onto your website. “Your pin is a direct link back to your website.” Justyn shares, “Then they’re in your territory so you need to peak their interests and keep them there!”

How can I generate leads and grow my email list with Pinterest?

“Often, free content or providing anything to get people to sign up to your email list, is super easy to promote on Pinterest. The number one way I get people to sign up to my email list is because I’ve created 10 or so freebies.” Of which, Justyn promotes in her pins, leading people to a landing page where they drop their emails.

In the episode, Justyn discusses more about how to lock in those leads, as well as how to stop them from turning into ‘cold subscribers.’ Justyn also shares the process she recommends to her clients when doing this, so listen in for some really valuable information on how to grow your blog and email list with Pinterest.

How do I get started working online as a Pinterest Manager? 

If you’re looking to start a side hustle, or maybe live out your dreams of becoming a digital nomad, becoming a Pinterest Manager is a great option. Not only is this a highly sought-after skill, it’s also a service that can benefit anyone from bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. When it comes to starting your career as a Pinterest manager, Justyn has some sound advice and tips for landing clients.

“My biggest tip is always to practice on yourself. If you have an influencer business or blog, and you want to work with other people or earn more more, really practice on your own blog. If you don’t have your own blog, find someone in your life who does and wouldn’t mind you practicing on theirs! Or find your first client who knows you’re just starting to try out your strategies.”

“Now is a great time to talk to bloggers and business owners you care about to see if there’s any way you can help them with their Pinterest strategy. Mention the statistics I shared and why it will benefit people. Get a foothold somewhere because once I got that first client, they recommended me to someone who recommended me to someone…”

For more of Justyn’s tips on how to land your first client and what you should share on your website, listen to the podcast.

Do you teach other bloggers how to maximize your Pinterest strategies?

“Yeah, I noticed a lot of bloggers wanted to work with me. Or at least get my insight, but had the time and resources to run it themselves. So I put together my course, The Pinterest Playbook, to teach them how to grow the traffic of their own website.”

Her course will walk you through details such as aspect ratio, applying for rich pins, Pinterest boards, pin descriptions, and everything you need to know to grow your blog and email list through Pinterest.

Justyn has also recently added a new section to the course for people who become Pinterest Managers.

Pin Your Way to Success

Pinterest is a powerful tool that will directly contribute to the growth of your blog and email list. Do not ignore it as part of your blog and content strategy.

This episode of HLBD about How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Email List is packed with so much more of Justyn’s amazing insights. From her step-by-step process of everything that comes after publishing a blog post to Tailwind. The number, and type, of Pins you should be sharing as well as her tips on how bloggers and online businesses should be approaching their Pinterest strategy during the COVID-19 crisis. A must-listen for anyone wanting to up their game using Pinterest Marketing!

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