20 Coolest Airbnbs in the United States

Cholla 01 | 20 Coolest Airbnbs in the United States

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Planning that great American road trip this year? With the rise of domestic travel in 2020, why not stay at some of the coolest Airbnbs in the United States? Instead of making reservations at your typical luxury hotels, make your accommodation part of the itinerary!

The United States has so much to offer within its diverse landscapes and with that, this country is home to some of the world’s coolest Airbnbs. 

To give you a sampling of the unique accommodations you can book, here are 20 of the coolest Airbnbs in the United States!

20 Coolest Airbnbs in the United States

They say it’s about the journey, not the destination. That might change if you’re about to stay at these seriously impressive Airbnbs, starting with:

Cholla Room at JTH Tucson, Arizona

Located on the west side of Saguaro National Park, this Airbnb will place you in the heart of the desert, surrounded by Arizona’s iconic cacti.

This private, ground-level room features a king-sized bed, fireplace, detached shared bathroom, kitchenette, and a private patio — making it the perfect getaway for solo travelers and couples. Guests also have access to common areas such as the chef’s kitchen, rooftop lounge, yoga room, dining patio, and a living room with a projector for movie nights.

This Airbnb has additional amenities such as free parking, WiFi, pool access, cooking essentials, as well as air conditioning and heating.

Want the entire place to yourself? Reach out to the owners if you’d like to book the entire Posada, which includes 5 separate suites and the common areas. 

Price per night: $196

Reserve the Cholla Room

Glass Cabin in the Woods in Hudson Valley, New York

Imagine waking up in the middle of a lush forest, letting the sunlight soak through large floor to ceiling windows. This private cabin is submerged in deep the woods, offering a secluded and serene oasis for guests. Your stay at this glass cabin will encourage you to disconnect with technology and modern-day distractions, allow you to immerse yourself in nature.

If you get tired of the beautiful view, head out and enjoy the many great outdoor activities the Hudson Valley has to offer

The space is perfect for couples and small groups (4 persons), as it features 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen with cooking essentials, and a fireplace. The best part? It’s pet friendly.

Price per night: $350

Reserve the Glass Cabin 

Designer Mountain Retreat in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Googie architecture meets luxurious modern-day comforts — this Airbnb in Utah leaves guests feeling like they’re on the cover of Architectural Digest.

Designed by architect Guy Dreier, this Airbnb features stunning views at every turn, making full use of the natural landscape and mountains that surround the property.

The property has everything you’ll need for a relaxing getaway including 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, a full kitchen, WiFi, and an infinity pool that offers sprawling views of the surrounding mountains.

Let’s be honest – this Airbnb is the main attraction for anyone hoping to secure a reservation.

Price per night: $1,843

Reserve the Designer Mountain Retreat

The Coyote House in Joshua Tree, California

If you’re looking for a little desert magic in Southern California, look no further. The Coyote House is a great getaway for couples and small families (4 persons) located close to Joshua Tree National Park.

The Coyote House is thoughtfully designed with colors that emphasize the natural landscape of the Southern Californian desert. Some amenities available on-site are free parking, a fully-equipped kitchen, air conditioning, heating, and an outdoor hot tub.

This stylish Airbnb is perfect for anyone looking to explore Joshua Tree or to simply unwind in the desert.

*Note: Due to COVID, the Airbnb host requires a minimum stay of 3 nights with a 2 day turnaround

Price per night: $182

Reserve the Coyote House

The Joshua Tree House in Joshua Tree, California

One of the biggest draws to Joshua Tree National Park is the seemingly endless options of cool Airbnbs. This 2 bed 2 bath Hacienda is located just 10 minutes away from the park’s entrance.

The Joshua Tree House is designed with the area in mind, merging a boho-chic style with a little bit of Southwestern charm. This Airbnb is perfect for those looking to kick back in the desert with a small group of friends (6 persons). 

The property is fully equipped with all the desert essentials like air conditioning for the sweltering hot summers, a laptop-friendly space, a full kitchen with all the cooking essentials, a hot tub, and the Joshua Tree Airbnb staple — a photogenic Stock Tank pool.

Price per night: $300

Reserve the Joshua Tree House

Peaceful Treehouse with Ocean View in Aptos, California

Looking for a place to restore your peace of mind? Why not escape high up into the trees? This peaceful treehouse offers guests the best of both worlds — complete serenity amongst a sea of trees and coastal views in the distance.

Featured in Sunset Magazine, this Airbnb is perfect for couples, families, or small groups (6 persons). With 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, this quiet escape is designed with Japanese influences that are sure to bring a little zen to your stay.

The treehouse is equipped with a kitchen, full bathroom with heated floors, a study, and a patio.

Price per night: $715

Reserve the Peaceful Treehouse

Canyon Creek Cabin in Granite Falls, Washington

Cabin stays are synonymous with a trip up the Pacific North West. If you’re heading to Granite Falls, Washington, make a reservation at this unique cabin before someone else does.

The Canyon Creek Cabin offers guests a chance to cozy up in the middle of the woods right by a river. It is the perfect accommodation for outdoor enthusiasts looking for some of the most beautiful hiking trails Washington has to offer, such as Gothic Basin, Big Four Ice Caves, and Lake Twenty-Two.

Set high up on a rocky canyon, the cabin features an outdoor dining area, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and an outdoor hot tub overlooking the woods and the nearby river.

Another cool perk of the Canyon Creek Cabin AirBnb is that it has really fast Wifi. It’s one of the first things you’ll notice about the listing.

So if you’re wanting to destress by escaping to nature, without dropping the ball on your responsibilities. Or maybe you’re in the midst of your first online course launch and want a truly zen environment to host your webinars at (yes, it’s that fast), consider work-a-tioning at the Canyon Creek Cabin.

Price per night: $251

Reserve the Canyon Creek Cabin

The Helm in Waco, Texas

Tiny homes have taken the world by storm in the last few years. Although some of us might not find the space ideal for our day-to-day lives, it’s safe to say that most of the United States have at least been intrigued by the tiny house lifestyle. 

This 2-story container home is your opportunity to experience tiny home living. Don’t be fooled by its size — The Helm is equipped with a full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and all the creature comfort needed to make this tiny stay feel luxurious.

Price per night: $136

Reserve The Helm

The Tiki Suite in Key West, Florida

Is staying at an overwater villa on your bucket list? The Tiki Suite in Key West is a great alternative for those who want to stay a little closer to home. It’s about to become a Key West icon — making it Florida’s coolest Airbnb.

The Tiki Suite is equipped with just the bare necessities with only one bedroom, one bathroom, air conditioning, heating, and WiFi. This unique Airbnb gives guests the glamping experience out on the water.

To access the Tiki Suite, guests must take a water taxi ($15) out to the property. The Tiki Suite is a perfect getaway for couples who enjoy the ocean and sun.

Price per night: $412

Reserve the Tiki Suite

Boho Chic Rhapsody in New York City, New York

One of the quirkier Airbnbs on this list, the Boho Chic Rhapsody is located near Gramercy Park. The interior of the apartment is designed in a grandiose and eccentric style, making it feel as though it were a room from the infamous Madonna Inn.

This one-bedroom apartment in a historic brownstone is equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, WiFi, and an extra deep claw foot tub right by the fireplace. The Boho Chic Rhapsody is perfect for solo travelers and couples and is pet friendly, so your furbaby could tag along.

Price per night: $295

Reserve the Boho Chich Rhapsody

Pleasant Bay Lookout in Bellingham, Washington

Nestled in the forest overlooking the Salish Sea, this Airbnb is a guest house located several feet away from the owner’s main property. The space is small but entirely worth it for the breathtaking views.

Perfect for solo travelers and couples, the Pleasant Bay Lookout features a bedroom with stunning views, 2 shared bathrooms, and a hot tub under the cedar and fir trees.

The hosts are particular about meeting guests’ expectations, which is why they require those who are interested to read the property description in its entirety prior to making any reservations.

Price per night: $135

Read the description and reserve the Pleasant Bay Lookout 

Dreamy Tropical Treehouse in Fern Forest, Hawaii

Located 10 miles from Hawaii’s Volcano National Park is the Dreamy Tropical Treehouse. This bamboo treehouse is located in the dense jungle on the rainy side of the Big Island and is one of the coolest Airbnbs in the United States. The property features large windows which flood the treehouse with sunlight.

The treehouse is equipped with one bedroom, one bath, a rain shower, and a wrap-around patio. It is a perfect getaway for couples as the area is peaceful, serene, and private.

Keep in mind that the treehouse is only accessible by a steep ladder and trapdoor, which means it isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Price per night: $300

Reserve the Dreamy Tropical Treehouse

The Cargrill-Earl Guesthouse at Erik’s Ranch in Livingston, Montana

This beautiful Airbnb located 45 minutes away from Yellowstone National Park is owned by Erik’s Ranch — a non-profit organization run by young adults with autism.

This property features panoramic views of the surrounding lands and mountains in the distance, offering guests the best sunrise and sunsets. With 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, this Airbnb is perfect for families and small groups (6 persons).

Looking for something to do off-site? Erik’s Ranch caters to adventure-seekers of any age, with tours and experiences like fly fishing, trail rides, and whitewater rafting.

Price per night: $270

Reserve the Cargrill-Earl Guesthouse

Sanctuary (Treehouses of Serenity) in Asheville, North Carolina

This gorgeous custom-built treehouse is located 10-15 minutes away from downtown Asheville.

The treehouse, filled with rustic charm, offers spectacular mountain views and a cozy setting for couples or small families (4 persons). It’s isolated location also makes it a great spot for stargazing.

Amenities include 1 bedroom and 1 bath, a kitchenette, free parking, air conditioning, heating, and a backyard.

Price per night: $289

Reserve the Sanctuary (Treehouses of Serenity)

Desert Gold (Death Valley House) in Beatty, Nevada

The Desert Gold (Death Valley House) is a minimalist style, luxury accommodation in the middle of nowhere. This Airbnb, designed by Peter Strzebniok, has been featured in a number of architectural and design publications, as well as various commercials.

The interiors are clean and simple, highlighting the desert landscape as the main event. Amenities include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, free parking, WiFi, a laptop-friendly workspace, a full kitchen, and a hot tub.

The property is perfect for small families and groups (6 persons), and pets are allowed. Desert Gold is available for both long and short term stays with a 2-night minimum. Although the Airbnb isn’t located close to much, the isolated location makes it the perfect place for stargazers and astrophotographers.

Price for Desert Gold (Death Valley House) varies depending on the date of arrival and departure.

Reserve or inquire about the Desert Gold (Death Valley House)

Peaceful Rainforest Treehouse in Hawaii

You can never have too many treehouses. The Peaceful Rainforest Treehouse is a budget-friendly option located 8 miles from Volcanos National Park. 

This Airbnb is off the road, giving guests privacy and immersing them in nature. The property features great outdoor spaces, including various colorful flowers and fern trees. In typical Hawaiian style, the Peaceful Rainforest Treehouse has a downstairs Lanai surrounded by hanging plants.

Amenities include 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and free parking. This Airbnb doesn’t have WiFi which highly encourages guests to disconnect, unwind, and enjoy the peace of the surrounding rainforest.

Price per night: $110

Reserve the Peaceful Rainforest Treehouse

Vintage ‘71 Airstream in Bradenton, Florida

Located close to some of Florida’s most famous beaches, this vintage airstream Airbnb is the perfect tiny home getaway for solo travelers, couples, and their dog. 

The space is small but cozy and thoughtfully designed with bright colors. The airstream houses a king-sized bed, a kitchenette, and several hidden storage compartments. The full, private bathroom is located a few feet away from the airstream.

The outdoor space includes a pool, an outdoor lounge area, a hot tub, and a projector for outdoor movies. 

Price per night: $101

Reserve the Vintage ‘71 Airstream

Willow Treehouse in Willow, New York

This magical Airbnb overlooks a pond and a sea of lush, green trees. Located just 15 minutes away from Woodstock, New York, this treehouse is a perfect place for solo travelers and couples to enjoy a secluded, unique, or romantic weekend getaway.

The Airbnb’s large windows face the pond, which is accessible for guests if they choose to swim. It is equipped with one bedroom, one bath, a full kitchen, an indoor fireplace, and a hot tub.

Price per night: $360

Reserve the Willow Treehouse

Meadowlark Treehouse in Columbia Falls, Montana

The Meadowlark Treehouse in Montana is a luxury getaway located 30 minutes from Glacier National Park.

The treehouse is a bit of a local celebrity, having been featured on HGTV, the DIY Network, Time, and Outside Mag. Its resumé alone is enough to make it the coolest Airbnb in the United States. It offers guests a quiet, secluded retreat — perfect for honeymooners, writers, or small families (4 persons) with pets looking for a magical getaway.

Amenities on the property include 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, free parking, WiFi, and a full kitchen.

Price per night: $435

Reserve the Meadowlark Treehouse

Choose Your Own Adventure

There are numerous unique stays in the United States that are worth exploring. Not only are these Airbnbs cool, but your decision to book a stay may be able to help a smaller business in the travel industry recoup from the losses from the pandemic.

Aside from booking a stay at these Airbnbs, the unique decor and design style may inspire some thoughtful touches in your own home.

So tell me — which one of these Airbnb’s made it on your bucket list?

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