How to Use a Webinar to Promote Your Online Course Effectively

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In my experience, hosting a webinar is a great way to create excitement around your upcoming course launch. This is why I’m going to show you how to use a webinar to promote your online course effectively in this post.

Hosting a launch event is a surefire way to guarantee a successful launch. And this is no different if you’re launching an online course. 

Your webinar will act as your virtual launch event to generate excitement and buzz so that your audience will be ready and eager to enroll in your online course. Here’s how…

Setting up a successful webinar How to Use a Webinar to Promote Your Online Course Effectively

How to Use a Webinar to Promote Your Online Course Effectively

Let me begin by saying that a webinar isn’t the only way to promote and launch your online course. While there are many different methods out there, I find the most effective one to be hosting a webinar.

So let’s go back to the basics and start by answering…

What is a Webinar and Why Are They So Effective?

A webinar is a one-hour-long free class where you teach your audience about your course topic. During the webinar, you’ll invite your attendees to purchase your course if they’d like to go deeper and get the full framework of your methodology.

The reason why they’re so effective at promoting your online course is that you’re positioning yourself as an expert in your industry.

Your audience will clearly see that you have knowledge regarding your online course topic through the hour-long webinar.

Plus, the live nature of a webinar means you get to answer questions your audience has regarding your online course or course topic in real time. 

Simply put, webinars are an effective way to: 

  • Increase visibility for your online course
  • Generate new leads (because who doesn’t want a free class?)
  • Remove any objections your audience may have when it comes to enrolling in your online course.
Christina - How to Use a Webinar to Promote Your Online Course Effectively

How to Set Up Your Webinar to Promote Your Online Course

If you want to create a high-converting webinar, you need to be incredibly intentional about every little detail. From the teaching material to the way you handle objections live, I’ve broken down my process for an effective webinar into 3 parts.

My Effective 3-Part Webinar Framework

Let’s start at the very beginning of your webinar. First and foremost, you need to present the promise of the webinar.

What will your audience learn? Where will they be after this hour with you? What quick win or transformation are you going to provide them in this hour-long webinar?

Even if the transformation is spelled out in the name of your webinar, you want to reinstate the value that they’ll walk away with.

Then, you want to show them why you’re qualified to be teaching them about the topic in the first place.

Maybe it’s because you’ve achieved this very transformation for yourself or for someone else. No matter what, give them the reassurance that you know what you’re talking about and that you have the receipts to show for it.

And as much as you’re able to, you want to relate to your audience right off the bat. What is something they’re struggling with right now that you can relate to them on regarding the topic of your webinar?

Making your audience feel held and heard gives them the assurance that they’re exactly where they need to be. It’ll also give them the motivation they need to stay for the full hour with you.

Mapping out your webinar presentation for conversions

How to Set Up the Core Teaching Materials of an Effective Webinar

The second part of your webinar moves into the core teaching materials. This is where you want to deliver value so that your audience can walk away with a win.

This is also your opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Something that you don’t want to skip during this part of the webinar is to take the opportunity to bust some myths. Your audience might currently believe certain things that are preventing them from ultimately purchasing your course.

For example, if your online course is about becoming a paid photographer, and your webinar is all about how to uplevel your photography…

A limiting belief that your audience might currently have is that they need to have the latest, most expensive camera gear out there. But during your webinar, you can make a case for taking professional photos with any camera they currently already have.

Another example of this would be if your course is about getting started as a virtual assistant. Maybe your webinar is about how to find your first client as a brand-new virtual assistant. 

And perhaps a limiting belief your audience currently has is that they need a website or an established portfolio.

This is your chance to show them why they can get started without having all these assets already in place.

How to host a successful webinar

How to Wrap Up Your Webinar So Your Audience is Ready to Enroll in Your Online Course

Finally, you don’t want to wrap up your webinar once you’re done delivering your teaching materials. Instead, you want to introduce your online course as the solution they need to get where they ultimately want to go.

This is where you’ll break down everything that’s in your course. Show them how each lesson and each module will get them closer and closer to their ultimate goal.

You’ll also want to communicate the irresistible value that your course has. I address this in great detail in The Online Course Bootcamp through the “offer stacking” technique.

Next, you’ll want to present the pricing of your course. And finally, you want to handle any objections that your audience may have before moving into the live Q&A segment of your webinar.

Running Your Webinar as Effortlessly as Possible

The next hurdle you need to overcome after creating your webinar presentation is delivering it live.

It’s completely normal that the first run of your live webinar is filled with jitters and nerves. Don’t worry, it’ll only get better. But here are some tips to help you run it as effortlessly and smoothly as possible.

First, have your major talking points bulleted out. You can do this on a separate document, or you can have it in the notes section of your webinar slides so that it’s only visible to you.

I don’t recommend writing out a full script. Instead, just bullet out the major talking points as a guide for what you’ll say. This will make you sound more human and approachable. In contrast, reading a script comes off as robotic, which gives your audience a more sterile learning experience.

I also recommend practicing your webinar delivery prior to the webinar date itself, but don’t go overboard. Just practice it enough times so that you know exactly what you want to cover. But practicing it too many times to the point where you’re just memorizing a script gives off that same robotic feeling you want to avoid.

Setting up your webinar to promote your online course effectively
Denice Lachapelle Photography

Setting Up Your Webinar to Promote Your Online Course Effectively

It’s no secret that a webinar is one of the best ways to promote your online course. Not only does it give your audience a taste of your teaching style, but you’ll have many opportunities to guide your audience throughout their journey to enrolling in your course.

When your webinar is set up effectively, your audience will see you as an expert. They’ll also see how effective your teaching methods are, address the limiting beliefs that get in their way, and know why your online course is the solution to their problem.

While there are so many nuances to running a successful webinar, these tips are a great place to start. Not only will they help you create a high-converting webinar, but they’ll help you host a launch event that hypes your audience up for your online course.

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