What Is Master Resell Rights? (And How Are They Different From Online Courses)

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I might get a lot of heat for saying this. But it is my duty as an online educator and course creator to stay transparent with you. Master Resell Rights Courses have taken the internet by storm. With claims of making you 6 figures a month with just Wi-Fi and a laptop—no prior experience required—it sounds like an opportunity that’s too good to pass up.

But what are Master Resell Rights Courses, and how are they different from the courses that I’ve created? How do you tell the difference between a Master Resell Rights Course and one that’s actually worth the investment?

I’m breaking it all down in this blog post.

What is master resell rights and how to spot the difference between online courses

What Is Master Resell Rights? (And How Are They Different From Online Courses)

Master Resell Rights (MRR) is the latest buzzword in the online space. You might have seen them floating around on Instagram ads. Or maybe you’ve caught wind of one of the many news articles about the latest craze.

Direct Selling News MRR Too Good to Be True

(Source: Direct Selling News)

The online course and eLearning market has been booming over the last few years. Not to mention, the industry is projected to reach a valuation of $325 billion by 2025.

With such an explosion of interest, it’s only natural that many will flock to grab a slice of the industry for themselves. This normally lends itself to more scams, schemes, and more predatory players looking to take advantage of eager entrepreneurs.

I know what it looks like. As someone who creates and sells online courses, the one thing I’m constantly conscious of is making sure my process guarantees results.

But I’m also highly aware that there are people in dire situations who fall for these “get rich quick” opportunities, only to be left in a far worse position. 

This post will help you navigate the world of online courses, including the latest Master Resell Rights craze so that you are better equipped to make educated decisions.

What Is Master Resell Rights? 

Master Resell Rights essentially sells you the rights to a digital course, normally about making money from home. This is a scheme to get you to buy into an online course that you can sell without the threat of copyright infringement and plagiarism.

Essentially, this is the multilevel marketing equivalent of online courses and digital products. Here’s how it works…

Do master resell rights courses work

How Do Master Resell Rights Courses Work?

There are 3 basic types of Master Resell Rights:

  • Basic resell rights – This gives you the right to resell the digital course as you bought it. That means no modifying the material, renaming the course, or adding your personal branding to it. It also means that the person purchasing from you cannot resell it for themselves.
  • Private label resell (or rebranding) rights – This allows you to change the material of the course and rebrand it, making it your own. However, similar to the Basic Resell Rights type, your purchaser won’t be allowed to resell the course for themselves.
  • Master resell rights – This gives you full rights to do whatever you want with the digital course. You can rebrand it, change the material as you see fit, and purchases could also turn the course around and sell it for themselves.

In other words, a Master Resell Rights course generates money by having you resell the course you originally purchased–not unlike MLMs or pyramid schemes. It banks on your ability to recruit people to your course with the promise that they, too, can “get rich quick” by reselling the very course they just purchased.

Who Is The Primary Demographic for MRR Courses?

One of the major red flags about Master Resell Rights courses is that there isn’t a specific demographic that is the right fit for them.

The only requirement? If you want to make “lazy money” online, then this is for you. *rolls eyes*

While Master Resell Rights courses claim that anyone can profit from them, you’ll often see them promoted by stay-at-home moms. (This is the same demographic as popular MLMs like Mary Kay, Monat, and Amway.)

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that no matter what online business model you’re starting, it always begins with defining your target audience and demographic. That is the basic rule of marketing.

As the old adage goes, if you sell to everyone, you sell to no one.

How to spot a master resell rights course vs an online course

What Are These Master Resell Rights Courses Even About?

Get this – Master Resell Rights courses don’t teach you much beyond how to resell their course. If this isn’t a walking red flag, I don’t know what is.

Let me put it this way: Would you spend $10k on a classic Chanel flap only because you’re promised that the resale value will more than pay for your initial investment in the future? (I didn’t think so.)

These courses don’t teach you anything beyond how to resell their course to others. And if the problem with that isn’t clear, here’s a list of why this is a bad idea:

  1. In order to sell anything (online or otherwise), you need an audience that is primed to purchase from you.
  2. Unless your audience follows you specifically to learn how to sell a Master Resell Rights course, they won’t buy from you. Even if you have an audience of 100k. (That’s like selling watches in Whole Foods. Unless people naturally look for watches in Whole Foods, it won’t sell.)

The Pros and Cons of This New Digital Course MLM Scheme

Don’t get me wrong – I think Master Resell Rights courses are predatory by nature. They prey on people wanting to turn a profit as quickly as possible. It’s understandable. With promises of making an “easy” 6-figures a month with little to no effort, it sounds like a dream.

I can see the appeal to it, which is why I’m writing this pros and cons list. Because I don’t believe in fearmongering. Instead, I want to provide all the must-know details to help you decide whether or not a path is right for you:

Pros of Master Resell Rights

  • The allure of buying one single course that you can sell over and over again is definitely attractive
  • No need to spend the time creating a course that you can sell right away? Why not!

Cons of Master Resell Rights

  • Everyone is selling the same exact thing – a course that teaches you how to sell the course you just bought.
  • It doesn’t teach you the first thing about actual digital marketing and selling.
  • If you don’t have an audience to sell your Master Resell Rights course to, the possibility of you selling to anyone is unlikely.
  • Unless you are 100% aligned with a business that teaches people exclusively how to sell a Master Resell Rights course, selling one will be out of integrity and alignment for what you truly desire. (Leading to quicker burnout and a lack of perseverance and determination – something you need if you want to build a sustainable business that lasts.)

Online Courses VS. Master Resell Rights Courses – What’s The Difference?

Buying anything online is something that automatically throws your guard up. Every good digital marketing knows that before you can even think about selling anything to your audience, you need to deliver them value and give them reason to trust you.

With the emergence of Master Resell Rights, I can only imagine the growing distrust that unassuming consumers have in regards to online courses and digital products.

And to be honest – I get it! Like I said, as the online course and eLearning industry continues to boom, predators and people hoping to take advantage of this boom will find any opportunity to leech.

That is why understanding the difference between online courses vs. Master Resell Rights courses is so important.

How to Spot a Master Resell Rights Course

  • If it claims to make you quick, “easy” money that doesn’t require any work on your part, it’s a Master Resell Rights course.
  • …it only teaches you how to make money online IF you buy this course, it’s a Master Resell Rights course.
  • … feels a lot more like buying into an affiliate marketing program, it’s a Master Resell Rights course.
  • …your way to the Master Resell Rights course happens simply by chance, only because you were looking for ways to “make money online” without knowing exactly how – yup, you know what I’m about to say.

How to Spot a Legitimate Online Course

  • If the online course is hyperspecific about what they teach, whether it’s dance, online course creation, home decor, real estate, etc…
  • …There are proven testimonials and case studies of multiple students who have recreated their own successes in their own ways. (The more varied, the better. For example, if you see a course teaching you how to increase traffic to your blog through Pinterest, you want to make sure this works for all kinds of blogs! Including travel, food, mommy blogs, etc.)
  • …The course is tailored exactly to solve your problems. Meaning it’s not a catch-all cure that promises just to make you money. It needs to solve a problem that you’re actively trying to fix, whether that’s maintaining your weightloss, helping you declutter your living space, or learning how to become a virtual assistant.
  • …It requires commitment on your part. Aka, it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme that promises to make you money with no effort. Making money online is possible but you do have to contribute your time, effort, and attention to it.
  • …The course instructor has a proven track record and established expertise in their respective fields. They’re not overnight successes, instead, they’re recognized for their knowledge and expertise – be it through social proof and student successes, news and media recognition, or results they’ve been able to achieve for themselves.

Our Final Thoughts on Master Resell Rights Courses

We at CreateHer Empire pride ourselves in providing strategies to set women up for long-term, fruitful, and sustainable businesses. We stray far away from flash-in-the-pan strategies that fizzle quicker than they rise.

It’s why our industry-leading courses are trusted by over 10k women all over the world. Our teaching and strategies have also been trusted by CNN, Bloomberg, and Google for Creators.

We don’t sugarcoat it when you enroll in one of our courses – they’ll work and get you results if and only if you’re willing to put in the work yourself. It’s also a prerequisite to bring your expertise and passion into the picture.

Because we understand that starting a business around something you have zero interest in won’t be a fruitful or enjoyable endeavor.

Finally, my sales motto is simple – always come from a place of value. For instance, if you walk into a store looking for a white sweater, my goal isn’t to lie to you and tell you something fits you when in fact, it doesn’t. If what I’m offering you isn’t the right fit, my job is to point you in the direction that gets you exactly what you want.

That’s why we have refund policies in place for all our programs, and our mastermind is on an approval basis only.

Because my online courses and programs can’t serve you and do their jobs if you aren’t interested in them. And I won’t promise that you’ll get rich quick, but I promise that my strategies have been tested and proven to help you monetize your online presence through brand collaborations, blogging, and building a hyper tailored online course for your target audience.

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