Posada Margherita: TULUM EATS

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During my stay in Tulum, I had breakfast at Posada Margherita, a restaurant located on the main road in Tulum Beach.

With distressed wood, potted plants, and boho-chic accents, every area of this restaurant is photogenic beyond belief. The only way I can think to describe Posada Margherita to someone who has not been here is that it is what Anthropologie would look like if it were a restaurant.

When you arrive at the Posada Margherita sign, you walk about 20 feet down a narrow plant-lined path. The path then opens up onto the beach where you find the dining area, beach lounge chairs & cabanas and a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.

Here are some pictures of the entrance area:

Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in TulumPosada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum

Here’s the dining/beach area:

Posada Margherita in Tulum  Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum Posada Margherita in Tulum

The unique look of Posada doesn’t end at the decor. Even the menus are uniquely distressed and illustrated.

Posada Margherita in Tulum

Here’s my delicious iced coffee with fresh coffee beans on top:

Posada Margherita in Tulum

And a fruit plate:

Side note: You can’t come to Tulum without ordering a fruit plate at all meals. The papaya and mango are unbelievably sweet and delicious here! )

Posada Margherita in Tulum

Here’s the “Egg in a Hole” breakfast plate:

Posada Margherita in Tulum

And the French Toast w/ Fruit:

Posada Margherita in Tulum


When I’m back in Tulum next time, I’ll eat at Posada Margherita for lunch or dinner to enjoy some authentic Italian food.

The food was delicious. But the best part about my experience here was by far the view. If you haven’t seen it, the Caribbean Sea is breathtaking and, combined with the unique boho chic vibes of Posada Margherita, it’s a must-eat in Tulum.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Tulum? Ever been to a restaurant that reminds you of Posada Margherita?

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Eat seaside at Posada Margherita in Tulum.

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  1. Lena Elzayn says:

    Yum! All of this sounds amazing! We will definitely need to go here when in Tulum!

  2. What a cute place and it is so nice that it is right on the beach! I did a day trip to Tulum years ago, maybe I should spend more time there my next trip

    • Christina says:

      You absolutely need to! I was here for just three days and by the end, wanted to stay for a week (or two…) more 😉

  3. Nicki says:

    You weren’t even kidding – it does resemble Anthropologie – minus their steep prices.

    I haven’t spent time in this area of Mexico but my husband has been asking – maybe I need to look into it <3

    • Christina says:

      I know, right?? It’s a pretty good comparison 🙂 Definitely look into it and if you need any recommendations, let me know! I saw/did a lot in the area!

  4. nic says:

    i absolutely loved posada margherita! i literally just left tulum and now already going through withdrawals!

  5. patricia says:

    looking to get married , having only immediate family , looking at a party of 20. any private intimate places to have ceremony anyone can recommend

  6. patricia says:

    please provide any information anyone has about a private ceremony on the beach and maybe a good place for dinner for a party of 20. I have been r reading about eating at Hartwood tulum

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