Self-Care Routines, Setting Boundaries, and Founding Arrae with Siff Haider

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Launching a business differs from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. But what’s the process of launching a nutraceuticals company like?

Siff Haider is the co-founder of Arrae, a nutraceuticals company aimed to help women feel their best so that they can be their best.

She joins Her Life By Design today to chat all about how she took the idea of Arrae and got it off the ground. We discuss why she founded Arrae, the logistics of starting a nutraceuticals company, and how she grew her brand using Influencer Marketing.

So if you are an e-commerce business owner (or an aspiring one), this episode is for you. Keep reading (or tune in) for tangible tips for starting your business to increasing product awareness through influencer marketing.

Arrae bloat and calm | The Process of Launching a Nutraceuticals Company with Siff Haider

Self-Care Routines, Setting Boundaries, and Founding Arrae with Siff Haider

Siff got the idea for Arrae from her own struggles and health issues. Her health journey eventually led her down the path of natural remedies.

As an influencer/blogger turned entrepreneur, she realized how important it is to interact with a product. For instance, “the skincare space was really easy to navigate. You can go into Sephora and get literally anything under the sun. It’s really easy to understand.”

“Nish(Siff’s husband and co-founder) could go into my beauty cabinet and pick out something for his under eyes or dark spots. Whereas wellness was so much more convoluted. It was not really conducive to understanding. It wasn’t really user-friendly and things were not targeted. You didn’t know who was behind these formulations.”

That’s why Siff and her husband, Nish, set out to create a product that would be 100% natural, targeted, and formulated by a naturopathic doctor and with fast-acting results.

So they launched Arrae with their first two products:

Bloat – to target digestion.

Calm – to help with anxiety, jitters, and panic.

Siff Haider 01 | The Process of Launching a Nutraceuticals Company with Siff Haider

Tips for Launching a Nutraceuticals Company

If you’re interested in launching a nutraceuticals company of your own, Siff’s number one advice is to not get discouraged that you aren’t a scientist or a formulator.

“If we look at the top-performing and relevant skincare brands, beauty brands, wellness brands, food brands… it’s not that their founder is a food scientist, or a chemist, or anything like that. It’s just that they have put together a team of people who can support them where they lack skills, and they have the vision.”

For Arrae, that meant that their first step was finding a doctor that both Siff and Nish trusted. Then the next step was to formulate their products. 

From formulation to manufacturing, it’s all about research.

“A lot of it is research and finding the right people that you can work with who can kind of help bring your vision to life.”

This isn’t just true for nutraceutical companies. It’s a great reminder for anyone who’s passionate about starting a business who might be facing a little imposter syndrome as well.

Nish and Siff Haider | The Process of Launching a Nutraceuticals Company with Siff Haider

Building Product Awareness for Arrae

Once Siff and Nish had their product perfected, it was time to launch their nutraceuticals company and build product awareness.

They bootstrapped their way in the beginning, putting their wedding funds into the company.

Initially, Siff had no idea how to run Facebook ads. But since she had a platform as a blogger and influencer, she made sure to put it to good use. She also sent out products to her influencer and blogger friends who tried her product pre-launch and ended up sharing it with their audiences.

Other than that, Siff attributes Arrae’s awareness to strategic gifting.

“I was honestly reaching out to people hoping that our products would make their lives better.”

Needless to say, Siff’s strategy and honesty worked. 

“Our products speak for themselves. They’re very, very good. And all of a sudden, it was this like flywheel effect. We had a few macro girls post about us. And from there, people were posting over and over again. Our customers were posting as well.”

Another thing that attributed to this influx of user-generated content was the very personalized touch that Arrae added to their products. Each of their products come with a little polaroid and a note.

“What’s really interesting is that I don’t know if we’d have thought if that idea had my background not been like in the influencer realm.”

The most memorable products that Siff received as an influencer are the ones that come with a personalized tough. “So we were thought, how can we bring that same experience to our customers who we consider influencers as well?”

Arrae Calm and Bloat | The Process of Launching a Nutraceuticals Company with Siff Haider

Tips for Hiring Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

Similar to our previous guest, Lindsay Silberman, Siff has the unique perspective of being on both ends of the influencer marketing spectrum.

When I asked her about her advice when it comes to hiring influencers for your marketing campaign, this is what she had to say:

“I don’t think that it’s smart to go for just macros or just micros.”

Instead, she says it’s important to look at people who are sharing good information when it comes to your product or niche.

“For us, we looked for women who were sharing good information in the wellness space. This could even be someone who was really interested in skincare and talked a lot about treating your body from like within as well.” 

When it boils down to it, it’s about finding people who are relevant to your niche with engaged audience.

“And that doesn’t necessarily mean like looking at their numbers. It’s more so seeing how people are engaging with their posts. Do you like their content? How are they talking in their stories? Do you trust them? And I think that so much of this world has become about metrics that we lose our intuition.”

Siff Haider 02 | The Process of Launching a Nutraceuticals Company with Siff Haider

Why Routines are So Important for Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that Siff is a busy entrepreneur. She’s not just running Arrae and creating content, but she’s also the host of the Dream Bigger podcast.

There’s no denying that Siff has a lot on her plate. But something that helps her manage it all is her morning routine.  The most important step in her routine? Journaling.

“Journaling is a big part of my morning routine. I think it made me a better person. Journaling is something everyone should do. It makes you way more grateful and more aware. It helps  me step into the highest version of myself.”

This is a step that I’ve incorporated (and look forward to) since my sobriety journey began.

Not only has journaling helped me stay motivated, but it has also helped me reflect and work through something that I’m stuck on.

Siff and Nish Haider polaroids Arrae

Entrepreneurship and Wellness

This episode with Siff doesn’t just offer tactical and practical tips for launching a nutraceuticals company (or any company, for that matter). 

But if you aren’t a business owner or entrepreneur, the advice that Siff shares about morning routines, social media boundaries, and what she does to regulate her bloat and anxiety will be just as useful.

We had a great conversation and if you’d like to tune in, all you need to do is click “play” on the player below!

A glance at what we discuss:

  • How Siff started and co-founded Arrae (2:51)
  • How Siff took her blog and turned it into a business (6:48)
  • Tips for starting a brand new ecommerce business (11:29)
  • The process of starting a nutraceuticals company (13:57)
  • How Siff got the word out about Arrae (15:24)
  • Tips for hiring influencers for your marketing campaign (19:44)
  • What’s next for Arrae? (22:42)
  • What Siff does aside from taking Arrae to soothe her bloat and anxiety (23:40)
  • Siff’s morning routine (25:18)
  • How to get started with journaling (29:15)
  • How Siff became more introspective (35:35)
  • Boundaries that Siff has in place for social media (38:25)


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