Finding Your Brand Voice & Writing Copy that Converts

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You can have the best product on the market, but it won’t matter if your copy isn’t on point. Great copy is essential for driving sales, and sales are the lifeforce of every business. My guest today is the incredible copywriter, Lauren Zink. She’s written a ton of copy for my business from emails to sales pages. Her words and her genius have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business. So buckle up If you’re unsure of what copy is and why it’s so important, as Lauren shares her expert tips for finding your brand voice and writing copy that converts.

Lauren Zink 02 | Finding Your Brand Voice & Writing Copy that Converts

Finding Your Brand Voice & Writing Copy that Converts

You might be thinking “what is copy and why is it so important?” Copy is the words you use to get people to know, like, and trust you. It’s the words you use to influence, build community, and more importantly–sell your product.

Lauren mastered the art of writing copy that converts through years of practice. She started her writing career by writing blog and social media content. Within the first few months of her career, Lauren wrote content for over 500 clients. As painstaking and overwhelming as that sounds, pushing herself to write so much content for a wide array of clients gave Lauren the opportunity to meet different people. It also allowed her to sharpen and practice her writing skills. This experience led Lauren to develop relationships with some of the female clients she served. She started writing for them long-term, which gave her the ability to track the results of her work. It also gave her insight as to how her content fit in the bigger launch picture. This ultimately taught her about branding, marketing, strategy, launching, and of course–copywriting.

Normal Copy vs. Sales Copy

To understand the difference between the copy you write for blog posts or social media versus sales copy, you need to know the difference between marketing and sales.

“Marketing is the arm of your business.” In other words, it’s your blog posts, social media posts, podcast episodes, and regular email newsletters. “The whole job of that piece is to increase your like, know, and trust factor, to nurture your audience, to build a relationship with them, to have conversations with them, to know them, what they desire and what they don’t desire, and what their life is like right now,” Lauren explains.

However, the sole purpose of sales copy is to make you money.

When it comes to copy that nurtures your audience (aka your content) and sales copy, Lauren’s advice is to have both existing simultaneously. “You need to have content that nurtures and that marketing stuff going out,” Lauren shares. But once you have a product or an offer, your nurture content (blog posts and social media posts) needs to send your audience to a sales page, a webinar, a sales email, or a checkout page. The pages that introduce your audience to your offer? That’s where your sales copy comes into play.

Finding Your Brand Voice

Writing Copy that Converts

There’s another layer that needs to be considered when you write copy that converts: the psychology behind buying. “When it comes to writing copy and communicating with people, certain individuals are wired in certain ways,” Lauren says. This brings Lauren to her favorite thing she’s learned about copywriting. The Process Communication Model, created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, is a system that breaks people down into 6 different categories depending on how they take action based on the way you communicate with them. This model is commonly used by Presidents on the campaign trail, NASA, and many major brands. “It’s basically the idea that you understand what type of people you’re attracting in your audience and how you need to speak to them.”

In this episode, Lauren shares 3 different categories within the Process Communication Model:

Thinkers – “Thinkers are people who make very rational decisions.” These are people who make decisions based on logic, analytics, case studies, and numbers.

Harmonizers – “Those are your feeler people. They make decisions from their heart.” Harmonizers are attracted to stories and vulnerability, and they make decisions based on emotions. Cue an ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan’s “Arms of an Angel” playing in the background, as Lauren suggests.

Rebels – “They want to stick it to the man, they want to shift the power dynamic in the world, and they really want to leave a legacy and an impact.” Rebels are humorous, and they respond well to humor, quirkiness, and pattern disruption. Lauren points out that Apple (and their products) calls out to rebels really well.

Understanding which category your target audience belongs to will help you speak directly to them. “When you can start understanding that and speaking to them in that way, then your sales start to increase.”

Get to Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is key to understanding what drives them to make decisions. This is why it’s so important to interact with your audience as frequently as possible. Take note of any comments they leave on your social media or blog posts and respond to them. The same goes for your DMs! Lauren suggests using polls on Instagram Stories to start collecting the data you need to get to know your audience better.

How to Create a High-Converting Sales Page

Imagine that you’ve done the work and you know exactly who your target audience is, what makes them tick, and what their deepest fears and desires are. Better yet–you know that your offer (or product) will help them get there. So what’s the next step? That’s where your sales page comes into the equation.

As Lauren says, “your sales page exists to have an entire conversation because you’re not there to have it with them.” “Your sales page is there to facilitate that conversation on your behalf. So you basically need to imagine that the person is sitting across from you, and you need to ask yourself, what does this person want to know, feel, and believe in order to be ready to make this investment?”

Lauren advises you to consider if the person viewing your sales page…

  • Tried to create the transformation you’re providing for themselves
  • Purchased a similar product or solution (if so, did it work or did it not work and why?)
  • Has any questions or doubts about working with you

The list goes on and on…

Lauren Zink 04 | Finding Your Brand Voice & Writing Copy that Converts

Structuring Your Sales Page

Once you’re able to put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes, you’re ready to write a high-converting sales page. However, understanding how to structure the flow of your sales page is an important step that cannot be missed. Lauren advises you to pay close attention to crafting your headline and about me section. “If I clicked on your coaching page and the headline says ‘one-on-one coaching’, and your about page probably says ‘about me’ or ‘welcome’… Stop doing that.”

Lauren explains that your headline is your opening line. Trying to grab their attention when they already have 87 tabs open and a million more distractions takes a little more than just ‘one-on-one coaching’.

After you spend some time crafting an attention-grabbing headline, Lauren explains that the sales page moves into a place that teases your big promise. It’ll then move into a section that addresses their pain and longing before you start talking about what they’re longing for. “Speak to their desires. And if you’re a personal brand, you usually know something about their desires because you’ve been there and you coach to it. You have experience in this area and there’s a reason that they’re coming to you.”

Lauren then advises you to share 3-5 paragraphs of your own story and how you managed to turn your situation around. “This is the turning point on the sales page. It coincides with your turning point, it’s where you’re going to introduce the solution.” Explain how your offer is going to transform their life and what’s special about your offer. “Whatever the impact is, that’s the end result we want to be sharing right now, painting them that after picture.”

Start Writing Copy that Converts

Lauren’s wealth of knowledge cannot be summed up in a single podcast episode. But nonetheless, what she shares in this jammed-packed episode is so informative, you better start taking notes. At the end of the day, the driving force behind every successful business is sales! And if your copy isn’t on point, you’re depriving your target audience of your service while hurting your business. From an in-depth sales page break down to tips for increasing email open rates, this episode is a must for entrepreneurs who are ready to build their empire.


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