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How to Land Press Trips as a Social Media Influencer

How to Land Press Trips as a Social Media Influencer

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One of the best things about being an Influencer has to be press trips, right!? Traveling  to a destination for free (or sometimes even paid!), creating content, and sharing the story with your audience is such a fun and rewarding opportunity.

I’m super excited to have three great friends and successful influencers, @lisahomsy, @mvandersluis and @professionaltraveler on the podcast to share tips with you on how to land press trips, how to make the most of them, and how to get paid to actually go on a press trip. 

Lisa is a Canadian born lifestyle content creator and photographer with a deep love for adventure and a born passion for travel. Mel is a passionate travel photographer, content creator and entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada, and Catarina is a San Francisco based travel and lifestyle content creator, storyteller and self proclaimed travel aficionada. 

There is so much  much experience and knowledge in one episode, so be sure to press play and learn all about press trips, travel and content creation from some of the top influencers.  


“A lot of these things happen by putting your name out there and telling people what you do.” Mel starts, “it’s great to build yourself a media kit and send it out to any PR agency that you know.” One of the things she and Lisa noticed was that once they did one press trip, they were soon invited on another, because companies are always searching for people.

Lisa and Mel also add the importance of creating and sharing relevant content, utilising your Instagram to engage with brands and creating content to attract your dream clients. For example, if you want to be a luxury travel influencer and you aren’t getting invites from Ritz-Carlton yet, grab drinks at a local luxury hotel and shoot some photos! You’ll attract the kinds of brands you want to work with when you’re already creating the kind of content they want to see.


Lisa, Mel and Catarina  go into detail in this episode about all the ways they encourage more work to come from every press trip.  This includes being professional and making the trip’s organizers lives as easy as possible. to asking all of the questions you need to make sure the trip is a good experience for both parties. Catarina  also recommends that you under-promise and over-deliver, a practice that has led to more work for her in many cases.


“Put all the cards on the table – ask if there’s budget from the beginning. There is no harm in asking.” 

Mel says, “Lisa and I have done countless press trips that are unpaid because even though you aren’t making money, they  allow you to build your portfolio and encourage getting invited on other press trips. So in that sense, they’re sometimes worth doing.”

The girls that  there are many ways to still earn an income while on an unpaid press trips, including shooting content for other brands (that are paying you!) while on the trip. ,


“You can charge 10% of your following for a photo. I usually quote a company with a regular rate, then create a package for them with a discount.” Lisa shares, with a run down of how she negotiates deliverables, what she asks potential clients and how she presents her packages. 

If you’d like more tips on how to navigate a press trip from that initial pitch email, putting together package options during the negotiation stage, and more behind-the-scenes of being an influencer, then this episode is a must to tune into! 



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How to Land Press Trips as a Social Media Influencer

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