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How to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

How to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

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Nadine Rohner is a social media expert and Founder of The Social Shells. She teaches women from all over the world how they can create their own freedom by becoming freelance social media managers. She’s joining Christina on Her Life By Design to discuss what it takes to become a freelance social media manager, how to set your rates, how to land your first clients, how to develop a strategy tailored to your client’s needs, and how to set yourself apart as a social media manager.


“I felt trapped in my old traditional job, so I quit, sold everything, and went traveling.” Nadine laughs, “I didn’t budget so well, so I needed to find a way to make money online or go back to Switzerland.”

After asking digital nomads in Bali what they were doing to make an income, she found a passion in social media management. “That was the start of my freelance career,” Nadine reminisces. “I did that for 5 years and now, I coach other women on how they can create that career too. Helping others is the best feeling!”


“Always start with organic social media management and work with one client until you’re super comfortable with the process. The whole onboarding process should be super smooth and professional. If you don’t feel comfortable yet, you can take on a trial client and do one month for free in exchange for a testimonial! This really gives you the grace and space to not feel pressured but do your best in order to get great feedback.”

Setting boundaries with clients when you’re first starting out can sometimes feel like a challenge, so Nadine explains the importance of always being one step ahead of your client and having contracts in place that outline what is or is not in your scope. “That’s when you really have to step into your professional role as a business owner and not be shy to say ‘No, this is not part of the package, but I’m happy to offer it for an additional rate.’”

Nadine also suggests that, once you are comfortable with organic social media management to learn skills around paid social media management (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ads). “Just taking on more and more [organic SMM] work is not scalable!” Nadine states. Advanced skills lead to higher-paid packages, meaning you can work with fewer clients for more money which will give you more time and freedom. 


“Staying in one niche will help you market yourself so much easier and depending on your niche, you have different ways of finding your clients.” In the episode, Nadine explains how you can use Instagram and LinkedIn to source potential clients and breaks down how to use Facebook groups effectively to have potential clients organically come to you.

For more advice on setting your rates and standing out as an exceptional social media manager, tune in to this episode now to start building your online empire.



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  1. Shubham says:

    Hey Christina
    A very well written post. This content is very valuable for the beginners. I could relate to it as I am just starting out. Also, an elegantly designed blog, loved it. I look forward to reading more of your content.

    • Christina Galbato says:

      I’m so glad it was helpful. This episode of Her Life By Design is without a doubt one of my favorites. Thank you for the kind words about my website! Appreciate you and sending love xo

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