Staying in a Bamboo Treehouse in Bali

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Since arriving in beautiful Bali I’ve been spending most of my time in trendy Canggu, constantly in search of smoothie bowls, homeware stores and sunset cocktails. But sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle and get back to nature – so I decided to head to Bambu Indah in Ubud to play Jane of the jungle with Michelle from @livelikeitsthewknd.

Staying in a Bamboo Treehouse In Bali

I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this eco-resort, where the single-standing bamboo rooms look like they’ve grown straight out of the surrounding jungle. The whole resort is made up of 11 antique Javanese bridal homes that were brought to Ubud and restored. And a walk through the grounds reveals quirky surprises – like an on-site traditional harp and natural swimming pond (emptied and refilled every full moon, of course). If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down here, it’s a very unique place.

Our eco-experience began in the Moon House, one of the most luxurious of the rooms on offer. To say the room is breathtaking is an understatement. After taking the bamboo elevator and walking across the suspended bridge, we were greeted by an expansive open-air dome overlooking rice fields, the garden, and the Ayung River. I couldn’t help but feel that Tarzan was about to swing by my treehouse at any moment.

Between soaking up the views, swimming in the private pool, and relaxing on the massive canopy bed, it’s easy to lose time at Moon House. The whole experience was so peaceful and reenergizing. I can see how people never leave Ubud.

As the sun sets and the jungle came alive with sound, we made our way to the on-site restaurant, Bambu Kitchen – where we nestled into a cute booth and indulged in some local delicacies and wine. The restaurant uses mostly local produce and organic vegetables and herbs grown on-site – and there was every kind of protein, sauce, and drink to choose from. I had the fish with house-made sambal and it was delish. Bambu Kitchen also received the 2014 Snail of Approval, complying with Slow Food Bali’s stringent guidelines that require restaurants to use at least 75% of Indonesia-produced ingredients. It also requires restaurants to manage their waste sustainably and maintain fair wages for their staff.

For lighter bites, visit the on-site cafe, Riverside Warung. This tiny, open-air cafe is built as a traditional Balinese-style kitchen. You’ll immediately notice the detailed and jaw-dropping structure — built with treated bamboo slices that have been bent into arches, which supports the entire roof. Here, you’ll feel like a small bird in an incredibly elaborate nest. Treat yourself to a snack as you absorb the views of the river valley and surrounding rice fields.

The next day we made our way to the second room we’d be staying in during our stay – Copper House. Like Moon House, it’s equipped with just the right amount of modern amenities – air conditioner, Wi-Fi, and a massive four-poster bed – but the pièce de résistance was the gorgeous copper bathtub overlooking the natural spring pools. If you’re as obsessed with bathtubs as I am (and how could you not be?!), this is definitely one for the bucket list.

As I mentioned earlier, we stayed in the two most luxurious rooms on site, which are priced anywhere from $445 USD during “regular season” to $495 during “peak season.” However, there are plenty more affordable options starting from $95.

Though we kept our stay at Bambu Indah pretty low-key, there are plenty of other things to do when staying at this architectural marvel – from spa treatments and yoga to village hikes, Balinese blessings, and sunset cocktails. 

If you ever find yourself in Bali, Indonesia, consider this little getaway a vacation from your vacation. There’s just something about bamboo tree houses overlooking rice fields and the Ayung river valley that leaves you with no other option but ultimate rest and recharge. Bambu Indah offers many different types of rooms, all complete with thoughtful touches and unique designs that will immerse you into Bali’s more spiritual experience. And although bamboo tree houses may be out of the norm wherever you’re from, Bali certainly doesn’t have a shortage of them. Feel free to check out Green Village’s bamboo tree houses and villas. Many of which also offer a complete immersion into Bali’s natural beauty.

If you want to see more from my stay at Bambu Indah and my time in Bali, check out my Instagram photos!

Let me know in the comments – what’s the most unique hotel you’ve stayed at?


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  1. Oh my gosh this place is seriously hotel/house/life goals. I’ve never stayed anywhere quite this extravagant but I stayed in a treehouse hostel in Eastern Guatemala that you had to take a boat to get to. It was amazing and like $8 a night!

  2. Lulu says:

    Wow this looks absolutely incredible! Definitely going on my list! The craziest hotel I’ve stayed at is tied between the Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai and Papaya Lodge in Uganda! ❤️

  3. Lulu says:

    Wow this looks absolutely incredible! Definitely going on my list! The craziest hotel I’ve stayed at is tied between the Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai and Papaya Lodge in Uganda! ❤

  4. Aubrey says:

    Hey Christina!

    This is right up my alley as I have just started getting into staying in unique locations while traveling.

    My absolute FAVE was glamping in a treehouse in Costa Rica that we found on Airbnb, that was the wildest experience of my life. The jungle totally came alive after dark and we saw all sorts of shapes, sizes and critters on the outside of our tent. #wild

  5. Aubrey says:

    Hey Christina!

    This place looks absolute amazing and so relaxing. I try my very best to stay in unique and affordable locations whenever I travel. My fave spot was a treehouse in Costa Rica where the jungle TOTALLY came alive at night. It was spectacular and I cannot wait until my next adventure and discovering more of the world. There’s no other way to live life right now, I just love traveling.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  6. Ive never stayed at a truly unique hotel like this! I would certainly love to one day though. @moniqueliveslife

  7. Nina says:

    The most unique hotel I’ve stayed at was recently in Denmark: CPH STUDIO HOTEL. I just thought I was so cool. It reminded me of city life in NYC. Besides a cute kitchen and the modern design, there was a loft inside my room too. 🙂

  8. Alexa Marsh says:

    What a beautiful hotel! I love these photos!

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