7 Black Friday Tips to Increase Revenue

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Black Friday is one short month away. This is an important and exciting time for small business owners and online entrepreneurs. So I’m sharing 7 Black Friday tips to increase revenue to help you host a successful sale.

Black Friday is an incredibly noisy time for businesses everywhere. Every store is hosting its very own sale, competing for your attention and your sale.

This is why being prepared ahead of time is key to rising up above the noise. Plus, these 7 Black Friday tips are some of the exact strategies I used to generate multiple 6-figures from my own Black Friday promos in the past.

So without further ado, let’s dive into these Black Friday tips so that you’ll be well on your way to increasing your revenue.

Christina Galbato | 7 Black Friday Tips to Increase Revenue

7 Black Friday Tips to Increase Revenue

Before we dive into the 7 Black Friday tips to increase revenue, let’s quickly explain what Black Friday is.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday (or the day after) Thanksgiving, a holiday in the United States. It’s become a huge shopping event where businesses and stores nationwide slash their prices, causing a huge surge in consumer spending.

Typically, Black Friday also kicks off the shopping season for the upcoming Christmas festivities. It’s become such a common event that many stores worldwide also participate in Black Friday sales.

Black Friday sales have also extended by either starting earlier than the Friday after Thanksgiving, even lasting well into the following Monday (also known as Cyber Monday).

Keep in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to hosting a successful Black Friday sale. The 7 tips I share in this post are just a few that I’ve seen great results from.

Planning Black Friday | 7 Black Friday Tips to Increase Revenue

Start Promoting Your Sale In the 5-7 Week Window that Falls Over Black Friday

While you might not want to come out swinging with what you’re offering for Black Friday, you should hint the week before your promotion what you’re going to be offering. This will help your audience prepare for their shopping.

And, of course, during your Black Friday sale, you’ll want to post daily on social media, on stories, emails, and paid ads (if you choose to go down that route).

A general rule of thumb to consider is that if you feel like you’re promoting too much on Black Friday, you’re not promoting enough. Again, Black Friday is noisy, with companies spending millions on ads. So if you’re going to rely only on organic marketing, remember that your reach will be limited.

Don’t get me wrong – having a limited reach is to be expected with organic marketing. And this is absolutely fine. However, you’ll want to plan a lot of marketing content ahead of time if this is what you’ve decided on.

Use Social Media to Promote Organically

Whether you choose to promote your Black Friday deals organically or go with paid ads, you’ll want to have a social media strategy for organic marketing anyway.

Coming up with an effective marketing strategy can feel daunting, especially during this busy time of the year. So my biggest advice with social media marketing is to get creative!

Get out of your comfort zone, try something new to stand out, and think about how you can stop the scroll. 

As for what types of posts should you be posting on Instagram during this time? My best bet will be Reels. Reels are the best way to get reach right now, so ride that wave and create more Reels!

Don’t want to post Reels exclusively? Mix it up with a few static posts if they perform well for you! Remember, it’s all about getting your voice heard in an already noisy space. Figure out what gets you the most reach and stick with it.

Calendar and to-do list | 7 Black Friday Tips to Increase Revenue
Social Squares

Email, Email, Email!

I’ve been a huge advocate of building a healthy email list. At the end of the day, reaching every single follower of yours on social media isn’t likely. You’re at the whims of the algorithm, which only shows your post to a smaller percentage of your total followers.

However, you can reach anyone on your email list at any time. You’re guaranteed to reach their inbox. This is why email marketing and building your email list are so important.

Now, your audience will be inundated with promotional emails during the Black Friday rush. With that in mind, you should be emailing your list every single day. You’ll also want to ramp up to send 2-3 emails on the last day of your sale.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your emails get opened and read. So work on your subject lines and optimize them to increase your open rate!

Offer Up Irresistible Deals

There are many ways to sweeten your offers during the Black Friday season. However, I’ve found time and time again that discounts work the best for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Offering anything between 30%-50% is the sweet spot for digital products and online courses. That’s because anything under 30% doesn’t feel enticing or exciting enough.

On the other hand, anything over 50% feels like you’re undervaluing yourself and your products. This could make your audience question whether or not your product is even worth the investment.

If discounting your products doesn’t align with your values as a business owner (which is fine), think about some REALLY enticing bonuses.

Bonuses are a great way to sweeten your deals and offer more value during a promotional period. You can give these exclusive bonuses to anyone who makes a purchase from your sale.

Tip: If you want to make a real killing during Black Friday – offer discounts AND bonuses. I’m all about overdelivering anyway.

Denice Lachapelle Photography

Do NOT Offer Anything That Involves an Exchange of Your Time

This tip goes out to all my service providers!

Offering a discount on a service that requires an exchange of your time isn’t a great idea because you should never put your time up for sale!

Personally, I would only discount online courses, digital products, and eCommerce products. Your time is way too precious and valuable to go on sale. Plus, you’ll end up working more for less. And that doesn’t sound like a very profitable deal for you.

Remember, this is just my personal preference. Do whatever feels right to you.

However, if you are a service provider or coach and you’d like to take advantage of the Black Friday season, consider offering extended payment plans or a special sign-up bonus.

Do NOT Launch a New Product or Offer on Black Friday

I received a lot of questions about launching a new product during Black Friday. I do not recommend this because Black Friday is already an incredibly noisy time for everyone.

When you launch a new product, online course, or offer, you’ll need to educate people on what it is. Whatever you offer during Black Friday needs to be something your audience is already familiar with. This means existing products and courses only.

You want to make participating in your sale a no-brainer. So lower the barrier of entry and offer something you already know your audience will love.

Tip: I also do not recommend launching anything (new or not) in December. Most people are checked out for the holidays. They’re also spending their money on gifts and holiday travel. Wait for January instead and capitalize on that “new year, new me” momentum.

Create a Real Sense of Urgency 

This is a common copy tactic that urges people to buy. However, you’ll hear a lot of talk about creating a false sense of urgency. This is NOT what you want to do.

The urgency around your Black Friday sale is real, simply because it won’t last forever. Reflect this in the copy you write. You need to be clear and communicative, especially if you’re offering your products for 50% off on Black Friday ONLY.

Let your audience know when your sale ends and why it’s important for them to take action now if they want to take advantage of the discount.

Increase Your Revenue With These 7 Black Friday Tips

These 7 Black Friday tips will help you increase revenue during the busy and chaotic season. I’ve used strategies that have worked amazingly well in the past.

The most important thing to remember during Black Friday is that it is busy and incredibly noisy.

So keep promoting and keep consistent! Especially with your organic content. And since we have a month until the big Black Friday sale, there’s no better time to get ahead of your content strategy than now.

This is why I’ve created a FREE GUIDE to help you accomplish just that in less than 3 hours per week. Click this link here to grab your guide, and let’s get you started on your most profitable Black Friday yet.

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