It's 2024, and Content Creators aren't just insta-famous girls with pretty feeds.



They’re savvy biz owners.

Real Influence Lasts Beyond 15 Seconds of Fame

It's about building a profitable, scalable business with several income streams that go beyond sponsored posts and free lipsticks in the mail.

“Bringing in 30 students was my goal, but with Christina’s strategies, I ended up getting 100 students in my first launch. If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s going to work.”

“That course made over $100k in its first year and now to date, it’s made over $400k.”

- Millie

what students are saying:

what students are saying:

“My traffic grew from 0 to 100,000 monthly readers. To date, I’m ranking #1 on Google for more than 200 keywords.”

“I’m making thousands of dollars every single month passively.”

- Indigo

“I love that I can push my creative limits in creating content that really tells an authentic story, and I love that with my platform, I have this space where I can equip and motivate people to dream bigger and think bigger.”

“My engagement has tripled in numbers and I’ve had the honor of working with major brands.”

- Naomi

what students are saying:

what students are saying:

“To think that I’m able to monetize my Instagram now! I only have around 10.4k followers but I was able to make $20k in two and a half months. It honestly feels amazing that I can turn this into a business.”

“I made $20k in two and a half months.”

- ERin

“Not only did I go from being able to serve 20 to 25 clients as a coach to now serving 90+ at once, but I’ve also tripled my income with my course. The Online Course Bootcamp has been life-changing.”

“My first professional dance career course launch has welcomed 90 students! I made over $63k.”

- Kim

what students are saying:

It’s your empire, and you get to call the shots. With literally thousands of stories from women around the world, our courses are more beloved than a girl’s first Louis Vuitton bag. If you’ve ever imagined yourself building a personal brand, growing an online community that trusts your expertise, enjoying multiple revenue streams, and scaling your business without feeling like you’re just winging it– then this is for you.

Your Empire Awaits

Craving financial freedom? Location freedom? The freedom to decide what’s for you – and what needs to take a hike? Then let’s get started together.



The Creator Bootcamp

The program and community that will take you from Instagram side-hustler to full-time influencer landing brand deals left and right. 

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Online courses:



The Blogger Bootcamp

The comprehensive course about channeling your passions into a profitable blog — with hot as fire traffic, an email list of loyal fans, and revenue that replaces your 9-to-5.

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the online course course

The Online Course Bootcamp

The  7-week program that will help you create & launch your first profitable online course in 90 days.




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Hi there, I'm Christina!

Hi there,
I'm Christina!

And in the biggest surprise ever – it worked. Like, really worked.

“how did you do that?"

Because you deserve to run your empire instead of spending your life building someone else’s. 

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