4 Steps to Finding & Validating Your Course Topic


(So You Know It’ll Sell)

A proven 4-step method to finding a profitable course topic that your audience will pay good money for.

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Finding & validating your course topic is a vital first step in creating an online course that your audience can’t wait to sign up for, while adding a string of 0’s to your bank account.

When your online course provides exactly what your audience wants, you’ll never have to worry about launching to crickets.

This guide walks you through my exact steps for finding and validating your online course topic, so you can confidently create your online course knowing it’ll sell - even if you don’t have an idea yet.


Ready to hop off the
hours worked = $$ earned train and start scaling your impact & income tenfold?

You’re stressed AF. Burned out. And depriving yourself of weekends and a guilt-free Wednesday brunch with your girlfriends. You know that working more hours isn’t the best way to grow your business, and adding an online course will increase your income while decreasing your number of hours worked. All because it's a scalable product.

I’ve been there.

Not feeling qualified enough to be teaching anyone anything. (hello imposter syndrome!) 

Struggling to come up with a course topic that’s right for both you and your audience.

Fearful that you’ll spend your precious time creating something no one will buy.

And so have hundreds of my students before they followed my step-by-step methodology.

But right now, you’re…

That’s why I want you to have my foolproof strategy for creating a profitable online course. The same one that unshackled my students from the limitations of time while uncapping their earning potential.

Discover the course topic you’re more than qualified to teach, even if you don’t see yourself as an expert right now.

Validate your course topic so you know it’ll sell. (There’s a checklist for you to follow. Easy, right?)

Know how to make a lasting impression on your students by coming up with the perfect course name.

Be one big step closer to scaling your business and freeing up your schedule. (Who doesn’t love spontaneous travel plans?)

After reading (or skimming) through the 4-steps outlined in this guide, you’ll…

show me how!





Began structuring her course

Launched her course!

Sold $28k with her course + webinar

After successfully launching 3 industry-leading online courses and earning close to $8 million in sales, I know that validating your course topic is one of the most important steps I took. Without it, you’ll spend months creating something without the guarantee of a sale.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Started on Your Online Course, Here’s Why…

The global online course market is expected to hit $350 billion in 2025. And according to Teachable, the number of course creators who reached the 7-figure mark went up by 48% in 2022. It’s time you carve out a slice of that for yourself.


This is why I’m sharing my step-by-step course validation process in this guide.

So you can:

Free yourself from self-doubt

Guarantee your success

And get one step closer towards unlimited vacation days and 6-figure passive income goals