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Wish you had the freedom to wake up to a “you got paid” email while relaxing in Cabo, knowing that your income isn’t confined to a cubicle?

Or maybe it’s confidence you’re craving, knowing you’ve got it in the bag because brands will pay big for your authenticity and personality, not the number of followers you have (or don’t have).

How about cashing in on those hours you’re already spending on The ‘Gram with brand collaboration opportunities worth more than your salary at your day job?

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Turn your passions into a limitless career

Stand out no matter how “saturated” the industry gets

Create content that turns casual scrollers into engaged followers

Land paid opportunities ASAP

Take your creativity full-time in 90 days 

The Creator Economy is currently worth $250 billion, and there’s a piece of it with your name on it – whether you want to grow your following or not.

Fact: oversaturation is a myth passed down by those who struggle to rise above the competition.

I’ll show you the only 3 ingredients you need to solidify to create a truly unique brand – one that can’t be drowned out no matter who pops up on the scene.  

In this new era of social media media strategy, authenticity >>> aesthetic. I’ll give you my 3 must-know steps to create attention-grabbing content that attracts your target audience and dream brands alike – simply by showing up unapologetically as you.

Whether you plan on turning your social media into a fully fledged business, or you're simply looking for ways to earn a pretty penny for something you already do for fun...

I'll show you how to land paid content creation gigs, even if your audience is teeny tiny, or your account is set to private.

It doesn’t have to take years before you grow your community and get your first check as a content creator... Not when I give you a step-by-step content strategy to follow, a long-term optimization plan to skyrocket your visibility, and the money-making strategies to start locking in brand deals and signing high-paying contracts, all without needing a ton of followers to do so.  

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My Instagram & TikTok Bio Cheatsheet 

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When you show up live, you’re not only getting an hour of free education and Q&A time. You’re ALSO getting an exclusive masterclass-only bonus for FREE; My Instagram & TikTok Bio Cheatsheet. 

Your bio is your chance to make a good impression on any casual scroller or brand who comes across your profile. In other words, it’s a 150 character space that convinces them to hit follow, or send an email with the subject line “we want to work with you!” (No pressure!)

I’ll gift you my Instagram & TikTok Bio Cheatsheet for free when you attend class. This will save you the stress and time of crafting the perfect bio that’ll convert visitors into fans, and brands into paid opportunities. With these templates, you can stop second guessing and switching your bio up every week, so you no longer have to wonder, “what the hell do I write here?

I have less than 5k IG followers and I made
$1,750 in August, locked in a $1,600 collaboration for October and $1,150 for November.

I have less than
5k IG followers and I made $1,750 in August, locked in a $1,600 collaboration for October and $1,150 for November."


"I low key rolled my eyes when Christina said that how many followers you have doesn’t correlate to the amount of money you can make, but she was super right about that.

I'm Christina Galbato

After turning my love for content creation from a side hustle into a 6-figure earning business that allowed me to leave my 9-5, set my own work location, and work with brands like lululemon and Ritz Carlton, I now help other women just like you create the same freedom in their lives.

Because of my teachings, thousands have been able to leave uninspiring jobs, exponentially grow their audiences, and land paid partnerships with brands like Pantene, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marriott, Burberry, and many more.

the step-by-step process of building a profitable content creation business (or side hustle) that turns the opportunities pinned on your vision board into reality. Whether that looks like...

Signing your first brand deal with just 1400 followers like Scarlett.

Jetting off to Peru on an all-expense paid 2-Day Inca Trail Trek – just for sharing your trip on Instagram like Amanda.

Amazing yourself with consistent 4-figure brand deals month after month, receiving an invitation to an event from a large skincare company in NYC, and getting on the PR list of your favorite brands like Anna (and she did all that with less than 5000 followers on Instagram).

Because these aren’t just hypothetical situations. They’re real, every day accomplishments by women who sat exactly where you are today – seconds away from registering for this life-changing masterclass.

Inside this masterclass, I’m going to teach you...


You deserve                  like these...


quit her job with a small audience

made more than $50k in 2021

landed collabs with 2 big brands

got a free stay at a unique airbnb

was paid to create content for American Eagle

landed 2 paid collabs in 1 week

closed 4 figures in brand deals in 1 week

negotiated a paid collab like a pro

was paid to create content for American Eagle

So what do you say – ready to take that first step towards your dream life?