The Creator Bootcamp


A step-by-step program to turn your social media content into big pay days — without the pressure of growing a massive following.



(Although we’ll show you how to do that, too.)

“Last year when I started The Creator Bootcamp, I made $10k and my goal for this year was to double that. Well... I ended up making $67k this year and working with brands like Sephora and Vera Bradley. Take this as a sign that you don't need a ton of followers!"

“Last year when I started The Creator Bootcamp, I made $10k and my goal for this year was to double that. Well... I ended up making $67k this year and working with brands like Sephora and Vera Bradley.
Take this as a sign that you don't need a ton of followers!"


- ERIN, lifestyle creator



Settle for “normal” — trading 40+ hours per week of your ONE life for a mediocre paycheck, Postmates delivered real quick between meetings and the existential dread of never-ending Sunday Scaries.

Perhaps you’ve already taken those first baby steps toward joining The Creator Economy.

You might’ve hit 1k followers by sharing photos, doing the follow/unfollow thing, even when it felt gross. Maybe you’ve even had a small brand reach out to you for a “collaboration,” as long as you pay for shipping.

Or you see some momentum in your account.   

Heck, maybe you’re reading this from Italy (and are literally, right now, deciding THIS is what you need more of to move your life in the direction you want!)

But making $500 for one post? Signing 4-figure brand collabs? Getting paid just for a quick 1-minute video for a brand to use? That’s like learning another language. 

Honestly? If you knew how to make Option 2 work, your boss would never hear from you again. 

Hey, I see you, scrolling on your iPhone from your couch. (Your hair looks great by the way.)

"Why isn't that me yet?"

You want to know the exact steps to achieve the freedom you know is possible for you – getting paid to share what you’re passionate about with the world.

Option 1:

Make the “If only I could” dream of yours happen — quietly slipping into your running shoes, sprinting out the back door of the office, and going in full-time on something you already do for fun – creating content and posting on social media, turning it into a fully-fledged online business.

Option 2:

Let me tell you a secret.

Before you lose your spark...

I know you’re not confident that you can do this yet. I also know you’ve possibly been burned by other courses out there, and that def didn’t help.

And though you sometimes doubt yourself and this industry,  your freedom-loving self STILL wants to get paid for her creativity, use her voice, and turn her social media content into a full-time career.

Trust me, that feeling of wanting to pursue your passion doesn’t ever go away. 

No matter how high up you’re promoted in your day job, there will always be a part of you that wonders, “What if I really went all-in on building my dreams instead of someone else’s?”

Can we nix the lies the world is making you believe?


“The industry is oversaturated. I won’t stand out.”

LIE #1

What if “oversaturation” is just proof that there’s a demand for content creators? Just as there are new brands of water launching every single day, there are new content creators building their businesses daily, too.

This lie is nothing more than a mindset block holding you back from taking action on what you really desire. And, excuse my bluntness, but maybe you’re telling yourself this lie because you want to explain away the fear of, “What if this doesn’t work?”

In reality, by establishing a truly unique brand identity and message, you’ll separate yourself from the competition. And once you do that, your success is inevitable. Luckily for you, I’ll help you do just that. 

LIE #2

Let’s get this straight: No matter how the algorithm changes, its goal remains the same – to get users to stay on the app for as long as possible.

If growing on Instagram feels harder than scoring tickets to the Eras tour… chances are, the problem isn’t the algorithm – it’s your content strategy.

When you have a proven content strategy to create posts you know your audience will love, the algorithm will be on your side. 

"It's impossible to grow on Instagram these days with the algorithm."

It’s why I never teach my students to “decode the algorithm.” Instead, I show them how to work WITH it by explaining what the algorithm prioritizes, so they know exactly what to post to get in front of their target audience.

And don’t worry about the strategies in this program ever going out of date — I update you whenever Instagram makes a change, so you’re always on top of the social media trends. The Creator Bootcamp is — and will remain — up to date on the latest changes. 

Will what’s working today be what works in 3 years? Maybe not. But if and when it changes, you’ll receive training on how to pivot, so you’re always ahead of the curve.

LIE #3

That’s a pretty silly thing to say about a $250 billion industry. For reference, that’s about a third of the size of commercial banking in the U.S. It’s almost as if people still subscribe to the idea that hating what you do and feeling uninspired is what makes a job a job. (Yep, I said it)

Doing something you love for a living? Groundbreaking. 

“You’re kidding right? Being a social media creator isn’t a real job.”

But here’s why content creation is a full-blown career that provides everything your traditional corporate job does, but better. 

There’s an uncapped income potential for the multiple services a content creator provides. You can collaborate with a brand, creating content for the brand to use in their own marketing (user-generated content), recommending products through an affiliate program, and so much more. Want a raise this month? Send a pitch!

There’s a clear career trajectory, just like climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder, except with a lot less dread and a whole lot more fun. The more experience you gain, the more you have to leverage and negotiate higher pay for a smaller deliverable.

Content creation offers more job security than a traditional 9-5. The truth is, your employment status is at the mercy of a company that can fire you at any given time for reasons outside of your control. As a content creator, your employment is 100% in your control. Feeling productive and want to make more this month? Negotiate bigger deals. Want to take the month off to travel to Aruba? Pitch the tourism board.




LIE #4

Allow me to let you off the hook. These days, micro-influencers, no… NANO-INFLUENCERS are wayyy better positioned to have more lucrative brand deals. Why? Because creators with under 10k followers have a deeper connection with their audience. Plus, quality content is way more important than numbers to brands. 

It’s why user-generated content is all the rage right now. (That’s when you create a video for a brand to use on their page without posting to your own feed.) Because brands realize that showcasing real people using their products in real life leads to more sales. Especially when compared to the traditional gussied-up campaigns with macro-influencers and celebrities who promote a product they may or may not love. (*cough* Lash-gate *cough*)

“In order to do this, I’d need a giant following — and that’s overwhelming. Plus, it’ll take forever.”

Got an 800-person following you’re looking to grow so you can be location-independent? Or maybe you just want to get your feet wet as a freelance content creator before you establish your brand as a follow-worthy influencer. There isn’t a better time to start, and you couldn’t be in a better spot to do this.

LIE #5

Have no idea how the social media girlies actually make a living? The ones who boldly begin their Reel/TikTok with “Here’s how much I made this month as a content creator living in New York City.” 

So you watch YouTube videos by content creators who claim they’ve decoded the algorithm.

You’ve read the blog posts of a big time fashion blogger who tells you to “cross promote your Instagram on other channels like Pinterest!” 

And you’ve definitely got a secret saved folder on Instagram with waaaay too many posts claiming you’ll grow your account if you just “swipe through and save it for later.”

You’ve heard all the advice from content creators with large followings.

“Post consistently!”
“Start your Reel with a hook!”
“Use this trending audio!”

Surely one of them has to work, right? So you do it all. But somehow you’re not one step closer to making your first dollar from it. Worse of all – you’re more confused than ever.

“I’ve followed strategies by someone who had over 1M followers, and I wasn’t successful. I guess I don’t have what it takes.”

That’s because creating success for yourself, and knowing how to package your knowledge so others can create successes of their own are two different skills.

As for you believing you don’t have what it takes? That’s called imposter syndrome. And once you learn to identify and combat it, nothing will stop in your way of success, whether you’re taking the first steps towards building a content creation business, or scaling it up to a full-blown empire with your very own products or programs.


While you should absolutely learn from someone who has been where you want to go, it’s also important to find an educator who has created the kinds of results for their students that you’d like for yourself.

"Now I'm at 10k and consistently getting paid partnerships just 5 months after enrolling in The Creator Bootcamp."

- Scarlett, Nutrition Creator

"What I got from this course was not only, "here's how to grow your following", but also, "here's how to create a money-making influencer business". I landed my first brand deal when I only had 1,400 followers. 2 months later as my account grew to 4k, I landed my first 4-figure brand deal."

The Creator BOOTCAMP


Discover what getting paid for your passion is really like - and how to do it, step-by-step - inside this A-Z program


Of course, it isn’t just the money piece of the 'work-from-anywhere' lifestyle you’re craving. It’s the luxurious freedom of doing what you love — whenever and wherever you want. 

You’ll learn how to replace your 9-5 with a full-time (or part-time) career as a professional Content Creator.  

You’ll be trained in how to streamline your content creation process in a way that feels easy, so you have more time for date nights, dog cuddles, and Sunday brunches with the girls. 

You’ll also learn the how-to’s for building an engaged and loyal community of followers who value you and your voice.

The Creator Bootcamp    you’ll get

Because this isn’t about shady follow/unfollow techniques or vanity metrics. 

It’s about building an online business that lasts for the long-term.



An exact recipe for cooking up valuable content, making any beginner look like the social media equivalent of a 3-star Michelin chef.

Simple but powerful strategies for pitching and negotiating brand collaborations and user-generated content creation gigs

The most up-to-date information on using Instagram’s built-in monetization tools for creators

Proven strategies to get paid for creating content (regardless of follower count)

Clear steps for using affiliate marketing to monetize

A clear “start here” guide to building or reviving an IG profile by establishing your brand and identifying your target audience.

In short, The Creator BootcamP™ is the most complete influencer marketing course available. And did I mention, it actually gets you results?


Setting Yourself Up for Success



Understand your brain so you can recognize the thoughts standing between you and your success 

In module 1, you will set the stage for growing your creative career, online community, and creating a sustainable and freedom-filled business.

No more frankensteining a “strategy.” Here’s the exact growth plan to get your account off the ground (and get you paid):

Rewire the 4 most sneaky and persistent mind blocks holding you (and many new creators) back

Mentally prep for the exciting life changes ahead (aka bringing your dreams to life. NBD)

Learn how to read your Instagram analytics (the right way) so you can use data to grow your account faster

“I’ve been here for a month and both my personal (+25%) and business accounts (+457%) have grown thanks to this course. Anything is possible if you believe it is”

- Shelby F.

"I started the course a few days ago and already noticed a difference in my organization, confidence, and staying consistent."

- AMY M.

Finding Your Brand Clarity

Establish a unique niche that takes you from overlooked to getting discovered by all the right people. (Psst… your niche will help you figure out exactly what posts your audience wants to see – which is a key part to your content strategy!)



I want you to stop spending so much time scrolling through Instagram, comparing yourself to your favorite creators wondering, “How do I recreate this on my page?” In The Creator Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to establish a unique and memorable brand of your own, so you can stand out online and become the creator others want to emulate. 

Identify the target audience who will become your loyal, engaged community online — allowing you to grow 10x faster and earn more for your brand deals and content creation.

Develop your unique brand by packaging your personality into a memorable experience, so you’ll remain top of mind with your audience as they rush to double tap every time your post comes up. (I’ll show you my 4-step process)

Optimize your Instagram bio so you’re at the top of the search results every time, turning more page visitors into loyal followers.

"I just reached the part of lesson two that asks us to identify our ideal audience, hobbies, and to describe in detail who they are. I always dread doing this because I thought I would be paralyzed, unable to describe the ideal person I’d like to follow me, but to my absolute surprise, when I start writing it down, I just don’t stop! Thanks again, Christina for having this exercise."


Creating & Batching Content



Build a solid content strategy that works specifically for your goals, your schedule, and yourself.


The month-by-month Content Calendar of Your Dreams, already prepped in an easy-to-copy and extra-fillable Google doc. 

Your content is the most important component to your success as a creator. It’s how your target audience will find you and how you’ll earn actual money for your creativity. In this module, I’ll teach you how to create scroll-stopping content that grows your following without the expensive, fancy gear. The best part? My strategy will help you knock out a month’s worth of content in one weekend. 

Learn how to create photos & videos brands will happily pay for right from your iPhone 13. (After all, the whole point of living a laptop-based lifestyle is that you’re NOT attached to your MacBook)

Develop a magnetic Instagram Stories strategy that skyrockets engagement and positions you as your audience’s favorite creator.

Learn the 7 types of Reels you should be creating, how to easily find & recreate viral trends, and 8 overlooked tips to make Reels that get watched over & over again. You’ll understand why your current Reels aren’t getting the views you want and what to do instead. (Reels are hands-down one of the best ways to grow on IG so you need this lesson!)

Learn the 4 elements of the perfect caption that will encourage likes, saves and shares (aka the most important metrics to leverage when negotiating a brand deal) – so you never have to rack your brain for witty one-liners that everyone and their dogs have used. 

Transform yourself into a Planning Machine and map out your next 30 days of social media content, so you always know exactly what to post and when.

Snag my 6-step content planning framework that’ll help you unlock consistency once and for all, no matter how busy you get. That’s getting a month’s worth of content that’ll boost your growth done without the stress. (You won’t actually have to work every day to show up every day!)

“I’ve used the techniques in the modules and I’ve received more views than I ever received on my reels before. I have never received 14k on any of my reels on Instagram. It really works once you apply everything Christina teaches in the course”


"I had one of my reels hit almost 6k views! I have a small following of 73 people on Instagram so this was a very exciting win for me! To top if off, the reel received 305 likes and 23 saved! My accounts reached great by 158%, and my accounts engages grew of 388%!"


Grow an Engaged Audience

Uncover 4 powerful proactive engagement strategies to bring more eyeballs to your page — including the exact ones I used to grow from 0 to over 200,000 in under two years



While content is queen, we both know it’s not the only way to grow on The ‘Gram. The strategies and tactics inside Module 4 will add fuel to the fire you’ve already started with your high-quality content, giving you specific and proven methods for increasing your follower count (and not with weird bots either, but with real community members!)

Discover the Hashtag strategy that keeps your posts circulating for longer, so your target audience can find ‘em and love ‘em

Understand how the algorithm really works, and how to use it to your advantage to attract new followers and engage current ones 

Learn my top tips for building an engaged community who will buy what you sell and support you in creating a long-lasting career out of your passion

Know what keywords, alt-text and Instagram SEO are. Find out how to make the most of Instagram’s crawling feature so people can find you and follow you, fast

Avoid growth-stunting mistakes by knowing exactly what NOT to do

“...I was feeling really down and even considered taking a break from Instagram. I felt like my account was stuck and I was tired of putting energy into it. Before giving up I tried out a new strategy and went from 13.2k to 13.5 in just 26 days and I’m on track to hit 13.6k soon!”


Working With Brands

Learn the strategies for finding brand contacts & making introductions to PR agencies.




- 2 fully customizable media kits
- 4 emails for pitching brands
- Contract template
- Brand collaboration tracker
- The Brand Collaboration Blueprint: Example scripts from real-life negotiations between students and brands
- Customizable invoice
- 10-page presentation template for pitching large collaborations

This is where all of your hard work *literally* pays off. Wondering how to find brands to collaborate with, what to say to get picked as their latest influencer partner, and how much you can earn? This is the module where you start enjoying the fruits of your labor… and the payoff is going to be huge.

Perfect & prepare your pitch so any brand, tourism board, or hotel will want to work with you.

Make your media kit with all the absolute must-haves. It’ll make brands think, “Finally, someone who has her sh*t together!”  

Charge your worth — and learn exactly how to negotiate & pitch paid collaborations with brands.

Learn the red flags to watch out for in brand collaborations and contracts.

Learn the pros/cons of having a manager, how a manager can land you more deals, and how to get one when you’re ready.

Learn how to negotiate massive 4 and 5-figure collaborations with my Advanced Pitching Framework (not taught in ANY other course).

"I have officially negotiated my first MAJOR gifted collaboration (a free 2 day Inca Trail Trek in May). All I did was email a company with my media kit and ask if they were interested in partnering, and what I was looking for out of the deal"


“Just signed a $5000 contract with my favourite ice cream brand!!! I’ve been eating them since I was a kid so a collaboration togethe was PERFECT! Take this as your sign to know your worth and pitch brands you live”


User-Generated Content, Affiliate Marketing, & Creator Programs

Learn what UGC (user-generated content) is. It's a lucrative form of content creation that you can get started with, like, yesterday. (Hint: It’s not related to the number of followers you have or your account’s engagement.)

How to leverage affiliate marketing to increase your revenue and make money from sharing the products you already love



All that talk about no longer needing a large following to make 6-figures as a content creator? Nope, not just fluff and sweet nothings (I’m allergic to that). Module 6 is where you’ll discover other ways to monetize your newfound content creation and negotiation strategies. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is there a way to make content creation a full-time job without showing my face on Instagram?” This is it.

Build an irresistible portfolio that demonstrates your creation skills so you can start pitching yourself for high-paying user-generated content gigs, even if you’ve never done it before.

Follow my step-by-step strategy for pitching UGC jobs how to charge upwards of $1000 for them, and turn it into a consistent monthly revenue stream you can rely on.

Discover how to diversify your income and work smarter as a content creator

Learn everything you need to know about getting paid for your posts through the “Instagram Creator Program”

"I just got my first PAID collaboration ever and it’s for $1600. And I only have 1,700 followers on IG and 1,700 on TikTok."


Expanding Your
Reach on TikTok

Your teacher through this module is Caroline Flett -

Love it or hate it – TikTok is a powerful platform to reach new audiences. There’s no denying that growing an audience there means having the ability to take a single brand partnership from $1000 to $2000 without filming new content. Aside from the negotiation power TikTok adds to your earning potential, you’ll also grow your overall community while you’re at it. It’s a win-win situation.

New Bonus


Learn how the TikTok algorithm works

Discover how to set up your profile to turn casual scrollers into dedicated followers

Build a winning TikTok growth strategy (and how it’s different from Instagram)

Plan and create TikToks that’ll consistently land on your target audience’s “For You Page”, the way Selena Gomez/Hailey Bieber beef was inescapable.

Learn how to monetize your TikTok through brand collabs, user-generated content, even getting paid by TikTok itself

omg, LET ME IN!

a TikTok expert who has helped hundreds of people grow on the platform, reaching 3.8 million followers, 1B+ views, and earning multiple 6 figures.

"…My video views have gone through the roof. They were stuck between 250-350 but now I have one almost at 600, one that went from 100-10.9k, another that went from 50-850 and another that went from 200-1.3k, and they’re all still rising. All of this happened overnight last night. I am buzzin!"


“I had a brand ask me to use my reel as an ad for TikTik and IG & are paying me $700 which is the most I’ve ever gotten for one reel! AND I had a TikTok I made a day ago get to 277,000 views.”


New Bonus Module!


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The Creator Bootcamp
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The Creator Bootcamp™ course ($2,497)

Lifetime Support in Members-Only Facebook group ($497)

Lifetime Access to Course and All Updates ($997)

Bonus: TikTok Accelerator ($497)

Bonus: Media Kit and Email Pitch Templates ($297)

Bonus: 6-part content planning framework ($197)

total value = $4,982

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When you join us today, you’ll get these growth boosting bonuses


The TikTok Accelerator

Get ready to unlock the full potential of TikTok and skyrocket your presence on this explosive social media platform.

After this 8-part video training, you’ll know exactly how TikTok’s algorithm works, how to use it to supercharge your views, and how to build a content strategy that gets your TikToks on your audience’s For You Page.

You’ll also know exactly what to charge brands for a TikTok video, so you can negotiate lowball offers like a seasoned pro (even if you started your account 2 months ago).


Media kit and
brand pitch templates

These plug-and-play templates make sealing the deal a no-brainer for any brand you’re pitching to.

Just fill in your information, adjust the branding, and hit send. Then sit back and refresh your inbox for an email from the brand saying, “We’d love to work with you! How much do you charge?”


6-Part Content Planning Framework


Ever wondered how the girlies who constantly stay at the top of your explore feed consistently claim one of those top spots?

My proprietary content planning framework will reveal it all. I’ll give you the play-by-play of a winning content strategy, including a content planner, how to decide what to post and when to post it, the best types of Reels to create for your account, and a schedule to stick to to make it all happen.

I need these

The Video Trend Report

When you pay in full, you’ll get a 3-month pass to our exclusive Reels & TikTok done-for-you research subscription:

This subscription saves you hours of mindlessly scrolling for “research” every week.

It’s your secret weapon to posting consistently and staying top of mind – all while shaving off a minimum of 2 hours per week spent researching trending audio and formats. (You know you’ll just catch wind of a dying trend anyway). 

Here’s what’s included:

Weekly email sent out every Friday

3 trending Instagram Reel trends

3 trending TikTok trends

An easy-to-follow explanation of how to adapt each trend to your niche

3 months worth of short-form video content ideas done for you

Pay in full today & skyrocket your growth with 72+ up-and-coming Reels/TikTok trends, researched and sent right to you.

“The video trend report has been super useful! There are so many sounds that trend at one time, which can get a little overwhelming to keep track of, so I appreciate receiving a streamline list that would actually help me grow my Instagram and increase outreach. I also love that you share how trending sounds work across different niches.”

- Sanika

The Creator Bootcamp
has every strategy you need to become a full-time, high-earning content creator. 


If these thoughts feel familiar, you’re not alone. I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of self-doubt, so I know that uncomfortable, insecure feeling that makes your stomach turn all too well.

But staying here isn’t an option – not if your internal compass is telling you you’re meant for so much more than your current situation.

But the saying is true – 90% of your success depends on your mindset.

Those thoughts are nothing more than imposter syndrome, overwhelm, and fear of judgment and failure in a sneaky disguise – making you believe they’re true when in reality, they’re nothing more than hypotheticals.

They show up unannounced as you’re about to follow those desires rooted deeply in your gut. It’s your brain’s way of keeping you safe and stuck exactly where you are. I like to call these thoughts invisible dragons – ones that keep you locked away in a comfortable and familiar tower.

And here’s what I know to be true:


But without the proper mindset, you’ll inadvertently sabotage yourself from reaching the success that’s waiting for you on the other side of fear.

Remember, The Creator Bootcamp™ gives you all the strategies and tools you’ll need to earn a full-time income from creating content, monetizing your creativity, and growing your audience.

It’s why unlike other courses on the market, The Creator Bootcamp™ teaches you how to slay them. Danya Douglas-Hunt, a mindset coach to Olympic athletes and 7-figure entrepreneurs, will teach you the neuroscience and psychology of overcoming the most common mindset obstacles you’re bound to face.

New mindset


New mindset lessons!

“What if I fail?”




"I've landed paid deals with a few tourism boards!"

“The Creator Bootcamp™ was immensely helpful in that it helped me learn how to negotiate brand deals, where I’ve landed a few paid tourism board brand deals. As well as four figure paid prominent clothing brand deals on my Instagram account-all while having under 10,000 followers.”


"A big win! Last night I got a $5k brand deal and hit the $50,000 goal with still 3 months to go in 2021."

“To think that I’m able to monetize my Instagram now! I only have around 10.4K followers but I was able to make $20,000 in two and a half months. It honestly feels amazing that I can turn this into a business.”


Coralie worked with brands like Amazon and Garnier.

“I started the bootcamp about 3 weeks ago. I got my first hotel collab today and received an inquiry for a PAID partnership with a company I really like and think my followers will too! If I can do it at 8200 followers, I know anyone could!”

“I’m SO happy I found this course! I have more direction and I feel less alone thanks to the community that I now have access to. I’ve increased my engagement and got the confidence to ask brands for payment! I also just feel a lot more confident navigating Instagram and growing my business.”







There's something
else that makes
The Creator Bootcamp
the very best course of its kind. It's the priceless missing piece in your
online journey:



There's something else that makes The Creator Bootcamp
the very best course of its kind. It's the priceless missing piece in your online journey:


Our Facebook group is incredibly active with members always asking questions, sharing wins, giving advice, and offering support.



you’ll have the chance to ask our Bootcamp Community Mentors anything under the sun.

Say goodbye to getting stuck and hello to smooth, profitable sailing in the land where you work for yourself.

Maybe get an assistant. Ooh, and add “Daily Yoga Practice at 1” to your schedule. And while we’re at it, mandatory work clothes are athleisure from Alo Yoga (sent to you for free by the brand itself).

See? It’s good to be the boss. The Creator Bootcamp
will show you how.


Ready to join
The Creator Bootcamp
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The Creator Bootcamp™ course ($2,497)

Lifetime Support in Members-Only Facebook group ($497)

Lifetime Access to Course and All Updates ($997)

Bonus: TikTok Accelerator ($497)

Bonus: Media Kit and Email Pitch Templates ($297)

Bonus: 6-part content planning framework ($197)


total value = $4,982

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A One-time Payment of

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You want to learn it from someone who already knows what works and what doesn’t, who has monetized their content with brand collaborations and courses, and who has made the leap from 9-5’er to full-time content creator.


You don’t want to learn the content creation biz from just               

You don’t want to learn Instagram from just

You also want to learn from someone who has a proven track record of helping thousands of women achieve the same.

…full-time content creator, online educator, and founder of CreateHer Empire with an audience of more than half a million people around the world.

I tried the traditional route of trying to create a well-rounded, happy life. I went to college and landed my “dream job” in PR. Then, the bewilderment set in.

Is this what I really wanted to do with my time?

While that works well for many, it wasn’t the case for me.

(And I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, it’s not working for you either!)

Travel the world and experience things I never believed I would, like luxury camping in the Moroccan desert and dog sledding in Northern Sweden
Earn over 4x my corporate salary and leave my office job behind
Negotiate over $200,000 in brand deals in two years and work with my absolute favorite companies like Pantene, Ritz Carlton, and Olay.

Give jobs to women with my all-girl squad of employees who support this vision every day.

Founded CreateHer Empire, an education company that helps women build powerful, profitable online empires that last beyond any platform or trend.

I’m Christina Galbato

So I did something that terrified me. Something that changed EVERYTHING.

I started to strengthen my creative muscle and started to share my love for travel on Instagram. 

With the powerful teachings that I share inside The Creator Bootcamp    I’ve been able to:


I remember thinking,
“Is this all there is? Do I really want to spend the rest of my life in this cycle?”

I hustled in New York City’s corporate Marketing world and I was freaking miserable.

You see, I thought I chose the “correct” path. Go to college, work hard, land a good job, and then what? Work there until you retire at 65? And only then you can see the world and pursue your creative hobbies? Yeah, no.

And if anyone wants to “teach you” based off ONLY their own success, don’t trust them. Ask what their students have done.

Today, I’ve been able to help women escape the unfulfilling 9-5 grind by rallying them behind their passions.

Whether it’s the 10,000+ women who have built creative businesses in travel, beauty, fashion, food, and hundreds of other industries…

Or my global, all-girl squad of employees who support this vision every day.


They’ve left their office jobs, launched their own clothing lines, moved abroad, and built multiple 6- and 7-figure online empires of their own.

Everything you need to thrive as a content creator is inside The Creator Bootcamp.

It's the only program you need to start getting paid to do what you love.

ENROLLment NOW open


Here’s what real-life Creator Bootcamp™ students are saying:

“This is actually turning into my dream career. Thanks to the Creator Bootcamp   I run my own business, and I’m no longer at a 9-5.”


"I’m not a strong writer, but with the outlines and templates, I’ve reached out to some major companies that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before."

"The Creator Bootcamp   was such a game-changer for me… I always knew this was something I wanted to do, but it wasn’t until this course where I was like, yeah, this is possible.”

“Anyone that has a dream of creating a business online as a blogger or social media influencer: my biggest piece of advice is to just go for it. Like, now. The dream doesn’t go away. Just start, and get help from people like Christina.”

"I have to thank you. Thank you for being so available to us. Thank you for caring & encouraging us.

"Christina is a gem and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is a kickass businesswoman.

"Even though I’ve been on this blogging journey for 2 years, I haven’t felt the confidence to pitch brands or send my media kit out to tourism boards.

Since starting my Instagram, I have recently got a sponsorship from a cruise line as well as many other hotel collaborations and great ads. Along with this, I’ve grown my personal photography business and online shop.”

But ever since re-creating mine two weeks ago, I felt that confidence, I sent it out and I’ve been able to land 4 different brand partnerships.”

I have been in 3 different IG programs, and by far yours has the best information and the best support. Not only do you provide the information, but you check up on us and provide us with more information even after the course. You're amazing and I would recommend The Creator Bootcamp™ over and over!"

This Bootcamp gave me a clear vision and direction. Since completing it, I have established my foundation and grew my following to over 25,000 followers."










Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t see myself as an influencer?

What if I don’t see myself as an influencer?

I so get it! The influencer label isn’t for everyone. Feel free to call yourself whatever you want — a creator, an online expert, a social media celebrity. This job is for anyone who has a passion and a knowledge of an industry that they want to provide value in. Period. The rest is just semantics ;)

But I’m in a different niche, will I still see results?

But I’m in a different niche, will I still see results?

Yes, absolutely! Even though I’m in the travel niche, the strategies inside The Creator Bootcamp™ work for all industries like:   

- Fashion + Lifestyle
- Food + Fitness 
- Wellness
- Travel
- Small Business Owners
- Art + Design

I don’t know if I have time for this. How long will it take me to complete?  

I don’t know if I have time for this. How long will it take me to complete?  

You get all the course content delivered at once so you can go-at-your-own-pace. Go ahead and take 7 days or take 7 months - it's all up to you!

How quickly will I get access to the course and community? 

How quickly will I get access to the course and community? 

As soon as you hit “Enroll” and process your payment, you’ll receive INSTANT access to the entire course and instructions on how to join the Facebook community! *pops bottle of champagne*

How long do I get access?   

How long do I get access?   

Forever. Seriously, forever. Well, until the internet dies or Elon Musk creates something better….

Do you offer any refunds? 

Do you offer any refunds? 

The Creator Bootcamp™ has an industry-leading <.5% refund request rate, so we are confident that you will see results. So confident that we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason our strategies don’t work for you, all you need to do is submit your completed coursework within 30 days of your enrollment, and we’ll happily refund 100% of your purchase.

This is because we know the strategies in our course work, but they can’t work if they aren’t implemented. However, if for some reason they don’t work for you, we’ll happily process a refund on the condition that the above requirements are met. You can click right here to read our full refund policy.

How much support will I get?

How much support will I get?

Inside The Creator Bootcamp™, you’ll be supported by thousands of other bootcamp members who are out there growing and monetizing their Instagram just like you. On top of the highly engaged community, you’ll also be supported with Bootcamp Community Mentors, all of which are personally trained by Christina. Their job is to answer your questions and keep you on track to hit your goals. 

I have more questions about the course… Who can I reach out to?

I have more questions about the course… Who can I reach out to?

I'd love to clear up any questions or concerns you have! Send an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

Is this just another Instagram course that won't actually help me?  

Is this just another Instagram course that won't actually help me?  

There are a lot of social media courses out there that don't teach strategies that actually work because they're taught by people who haven't actually grown a large audience themselves or that don't actually earn a full-time income from Instagram alone.

So listen, I get why you would think that.

By here's why The Creator Bootcamp™ is not only different, but is the most highly-rated Instagram course out there:

First, it's taught by a full-time content creator . I didn't just guess and Google what to put in this course. Everything in The Creator Bootcamp™ is what took me years to learn.

Second, it's not a "here's how to grow" or a "here's how to create great content" course. It's an "everything-you-will-ever-need-to-know" course.

Anyway, I could tell you why The Creator Bootcamp™ is different all day, or you could hear it from successful Creator Bootcamp students.


from my students

Tell me.
What is it worth to you to be able to:

Take off in the middle of a sunny afternoon and head to the beach. No clock punching for you!

Spend your days working on your creative passion project that lights you up like a meteor shower — and, duh, get paid for it.

Share what matters most to you with the world and impact people (instead of working for someone else and having a limited opportunity to reach your potential)

Make a name for yourself and add extra money to your family, show your friends or children what’s possible, or prove to yourself that your dreams matter

The opportunity to make the leap will always be available to you. Until it isn't.

You don't want to wake up in 30, 5, or even 1 year and think "I wish I would've gone for it."

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